Sanders Explains Why Trump Is Winning And Bernie Is Boring

RCP poll average for Democratic campaign opponents. Note that Bernie got very little bump from Biden dropping out. And, one thing is very clear, as voters got a chance to see Bernie Sanders talking alongside Hillary Clinton in the Democratic debates, they chose Clinton. Now, if Bernie cannot even outsmart Hillary, who often seems distracted by all the glitter of being herself, then how would he have any chance against Donald Trump, whom Bernie has just admitted possesses what it take—smarts—to be embraced and promoted by the mainstream media? In the end, and really all along the way, Bernie Sanders is just a boring old man, saying affirming (but given GOP congressional power, utterly unrealistic) things to an audience of whining babies, many of whom have threatened to stay home and elect Donald Trump if "the Bern" loses to Clinton.
Let's imagine for a moment what a Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders presidential campaign might look like:

Trump would of course be promoting American progress and success and by this Trump would mean that he intends to do to America what he has always done—build another, even bigger, gaudy tower with his name plastered on it. And oh, by the way, yes that means that dangerous park space across from Trump's America, the space the poor, brown, people played in, will have to be bulldozed. In the other corner, actually down on a street corner, standing alongside 20 or 30 supporters, Bernie Sanders would be holding up a little placard denouncing Trump as being a mean-hearted, greedy, racist land baron who would not care about the working class...blah, blah, blah. And then, just when you think a few people might be listening to Bernie about this complaint, Trump steps in to co-opt Bernie's argument. Trump announces that indeed, he will be building another wonderful monstrosity with his name on it, and in addition he will be building the most wonderful new park space—it's gonna be HUGE!—and just the kind of place parents and kids will love!

Bernie releases a statement supporting the building of a new park. And Trump wins. Only later do we find out, and by that time nobody remembers or cares about the tiny park debate anyway, that Trump is building the really huge park space on top of the new tower to be enjoyed only by the richest tenants and their families.

And that's business and politics in America.

And the thing is, Bernie Sanders knows this. It is why he has taken lately to sounding almost like he is working for Trump's campaign. Sanders says he's appealing to the same voters as Trump. And Sanders explained just the other day why Trump is winning, and Bernie isn't. Asked by CNN's Chris Cuomo why Trump was so popular and so successful in his campaign, Sanders, accusing the media of being shills for Trump, said:
“Well, Chris, you’re gonna have to ask the media precisely why. I mean Trump is a smart guy. He’s a media guy. He ran, you know, he did a TV show. I’ll give you one example. Alright. A recent study showed that on ABC Evening News, Trump over a period of time got 81 minutes of time. Bernie Sanders got 20 seconds. Now you tell me why. And I think it has to do with the fact that Trump is very smart. He knows that media is not so interested in the serious issues facing this country. They love bombastic remarks. They love silly remarks. If he says that somebody is sweating—my god, that is a major story and all that silly business, the personal attacks, that kind of works. So, I think this is more an indictment of the media actually than it is of Trump.”
Seriously, if you're running for office, for the highest and most powerful office in the world, you don't explain your opponent's success as a product of what?—Trump being a "very smart" guy. And so where does that leave Bernie then? Effectively, that implies Bernie isn't the very smart guy, which goes along with the fact Bernie is such a horrible media figure or political product.

My answer to Bernie Sanders about why Donald Trump gets media time and Bernie gets ignored is pretty basic:

Because you’re fucking boring, Bernie!

You're about as telegenic as a pile of nasty old cardboard some hobos slept under. You don’t smile. You don’t speak up. You speak down to people because you figure they have to be stupid—which is correct—but jeez, asshole, you're peddling a product to them, you know? And nobody likes you anyway, you cantankerous old coot. Clear?

Now, having said that, I'm not suggesting for a moment that people should vote for Trump instead. And I have admitted for a long time that having the option—really the obligation—to vote for dreary Hillary is hardly a choice. But it is an obligation because of the ghastly Republican alternatives.

If anything, I find Bernie's comments, given that he seems definitely headed for defeat against Clinton, as a kind of endorsement of the likely GOP candidate. And that, combined with Sanders' team having pilfered Clinton's supporter list does call into question whether Sanders is running for a cause, or like his new best very intelligent friend, just for himself.