Americans Told By Egghead To "Manage" Their Terror To Win War

Poor Americans trapped in the prison of fear provoked by acts of terror. If only they could be freed from that, then maybe, Professor Stern tells us in a new NY Times op-ed, "we" could win the war on terror. All you have to do is manage your terror—in yourself—by looking up and getting divine with it.
And then, just in case you were in doubt about whose responsibility it is to win the war on nouns (terror, terrorism, extremism, badism in any form), kindly (and aptly named) Professor Stern reminds us that when it comes to the wars, the real responsibility for winning is not that of our leaders or our fighters or our "intelligence" agents, it is YOUR fault if we lose:

"If we are to prevail in the war on terrorism, we need to remember that the freedoms we aspire to come with great responsibilities. And these responsibilities involve not just fighting terrorists, but also managing our own terror."

"aspire to"—code for you don't really have freedoms—because that threatens the security of an unfree state, like we didn't already know that.

By managing your terror, Professor Stern means remembering that the "Divine" (which you have an equal-opportunity-obligation to worship in your own way in the USA) will make you feel better about dying and stuff. That way, maybe you won't want to go slaughter your Muslim neighbors for seeming very dangerous to you, what with all the Jihad going around you know.

Professor Stern tells us that she is well placed to understand the fears Americans feel about the threat of terrorist attacks:
"In many years of studying this subject, I have come to understand that a mass shooting or terrorist attack evokes a powerful sense of dread."
Of course, Professor Stern might have just watched some news video and read articles about—or better yet lived through—9/11 and maybe she could have figured out the "sense of dread" without having to spend years on a study of it.

Academe has arrived DOA at the think-tank. It also has failed the nation by serving the unbelievably idiotic fascism destroying it.

Seriously, this is what all loser regimes always do at the brink of losing—blame anybody but themselves.