NY TImes Verdict on Obamacare: "All But Useless"

The federal government stands before pelts of Americans, taken in its yearly Obamacare slaughter. The cynicism of America's evil political class in the construction and perpetration of a worthless healthcare program points to the nature of the USA political system. Not broken, as many allege—but working just fine for the people who truly own it.
While the world scampers about playing "terrorist, terrorist, who's got the terrorist"—again—enabling the national security apparatuses of the global empires to further tighten their nooses on liberty, the New York Times published an article whose conclusion is late (I've been saying this for a while now), but nonetheless remarkable: Obamacare has turned out to be "All but useless" to many of the people it was intended to help.

While Democrats, who knew they were signing a very bad bill when they affirmed a Republican plan authored by Mitt Romney!, have always bragged about how many people were now saved from having no medical insurance, they left out a key point about that insurance: it was so expensive to use because of the extraordinarily high deductibles, that many (most?) of the people for whom it was intended, i.e. poorer Americans whose budgets were already stretched to the breaking point, cannot afford it.

The article makes it quite clear who is really to blame (all the useless politicians as always):
In many states, more than half the plans offered for sale through HealthCare.gov, the federal online marketplace, have a deductible of $3,000 or more, a New York Times review has found. Those deductibles are causing concern among Democrats — and some Republican detractors of the health law, who once pushed high-deductible health plans in the belief that consumers would be more cost-conscious if they had more of a financial stake or skin in the game."
"Skin in the game" is the Republican phrase for saying poorer Americans, most of whom work very hard just to survive at all, are worthless scumbags with their filthy hands in the pockets of good, rich folk. What the GOP wanted were the pelts of poor people, charged so much money for healthcare—they would never actually use it, and that is what they demanded and got from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

And it was Democrats who enabled this, by signing off on it. Democrats controlled the entire government when Obamacare was passed and signed into law. It was conservative Democrats who also pushed Obama to make the new healthcare law expensive for poorer Americans to use. Again, however, Obama did not lead against that push. He did what he always does—adopt the conservative position imagining that would protect him from criticism by Republicans. Of course, as we know, that has never quite worked out like Obama hoped.

Ultimately, cowardice is to blame. That and greed and enormous cynicism. Republicans initially wanted to be able to say they helped craft a conservative healthcare bill. Then right-wing lunatic talking heads claimed that Obamacare was a socialist healthcare program, and no Republican could be a Republican without opposing its existence. So that is what they did. Democrats meanwhile claimed Obamacare was a success, because they were coercing people to sign up for it with big tax penalties if they did not do so. When Americans responded by signing up, Obama claimed the whole program was great for America.

Of course, as has been pointed out, the reason these pols, and Obama, said all these things is ultimately they don't care about the welfare of average, hard-working, Americans. The politicians are rich, and have great healthcare programs they can easily afford. If a poor family someplace can't afford to use their nice, shiny, useless, Obamacare health insurance, that matters about as much to these American politicians as the deaths of thousands of poor, brown-skinned, Muslims in their insane wars on the poor (or "terror").

The politicians have betrayed the USA over and over again. And yet their skin is not in this game. Just yours. And yet you imagine voting for this political class of masters will make some difference. You deserve what you vote for—over and over again.