Ben Carson’s Excellent Point About Rabid Dogs—And Republicans

The moment when Donald Trump went full-frontal Nazi, noting he will employ "a lot of systems" to track Muslims, and presumably all the other "OTHERS" Trump decides are potentially dangerous to the profoundly well-educated crew making up Trump's base. A message from one of these supporters can be see in the middle image, a detail of a photo taken a few weeks ago of an Austin, Texas bus-stop bench, where an endorsement inspired by Trump's hate-mongering against Hispanics can be seen scrawled out in its imbecilic glory. Be very afraid of "The invation" of the Trumpublicans!—or any other brand of Republican.
It is hard to keep track of all the hate-mongering idiocy—one might call it “rabid” idiocy—spewing from the Republican candidates in the presidential primary campaign.

After all, Donald Trump declared war on Hispanics as a class and a potential threat early on, and has had no problem expanding that attack on the “OTHER” to include the GOP’s new, favorite, target of hatred, Syrian refugees and Muslims in general. The vast majority of Syrian refugees are escaping the horrible violence of what is certainly the worst current hellhole on Earth, and the terrible brutality of, among other players in that game of death, Islamic State.

You might think that Americans, even the nutty right-wing version, would have some sympathy for the plight of these victims. 

Nope. Not when there are political points to be scored in Republican nutland by moving ever closer to establishing true Nazi-style values in the GOP.

Donald Trump for example, on Thursday made it quite explicit where he is coming from on the need to honor and mimic Nazi population management, regarding Muslims in the USA. Asked if he would be interested in creating national databases of Muslims “living in the US to protect the country from terrorism”, Trump said:
There should be a lot of systems beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it. I would certainly implement that. Absolutely.
Trump claimed this was the way in which he would establish “good management” in the US government’s operations.

And one can easily see how this would soon be expanded to include all the other threatening classes of human beings Trump and his white imperium decide need to be specially suspected and monitored and perhaps locked up for their own good in concentration camps. Welcome to Auschwitz, Hispanics.

Meanwhile, Ben Carson, carving out his own Nazi space, had earlier on Thursday said the following about the need to watch out for what he called “rabid dogs”, in other words Syrian refugees who might go “radical” (AKA “terrorist”):
If there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you're probably not going to assume something good about that dog.
In other words, “that dog” meaning Syrian refugees should not just be assumed to be OK. That would be too dangerous. After all, some crazy people might get into the USA if you were accepting and merciful and things like that.

Well, absolutely right…wing…nut. If there is some rabid dog wondering around, people really should be very wary of it and absolutely be on guard to not embrace it, or anything it might bark out as a campaign slogan or a threatened policy if it should be elected.

Yes, rabid dogs are bad things. 

Now, the only question for the American people—the question that has become the central one in judging the quality of the political process in the USA: who are the rabid dogs in American politics? Are they really Muslims, or Mexicans? Or might they just be that unbelievably ignorant, hateful, and just plain stupid pack of mad dogs who represent the best and brightest of the Republican Party?