The Difference Between The Middle And the Working Class

A few of life's wieners, not engaged in any practical work, because most people admit that is of no interest, but engaged in the work of convincing others they are not yet expendable—after all, they have so much time to waste looking down and seeming to be busy.
Lately I have been rather intently watching and listening to the difference between middle-class and working-class labor.

Middle-class labor consists of a psychotic fusing of one's head to a "smart" device of some sort, wherein the fused engages in a constant, really quite unbearable, stream of jargonized prattle, meant more to convince other fused persons the prattler is not yet so inadequately informed about the newest thing or word or belief that they are expendable, rather than to achieve any practical end.

Working class labor is quite easy to recognize by the presence of a particular tool: the trash grabber. Pretty much all working-class jobs consist of picking up trash to enable a middle class or especially a ruling class person to both profit and to feel cleaner about themselves and their "best system in the world." Even construction workers, who are paid pretty well, are just moving trash into configurations that will convince passersby and future inhabitants they are viewing or working in a finely-constructed, geometrically-pleasing sky-stabber.

It is way past the time for a labor rebellion, and any number of other rebellions. But as you see, sheep just wait to be shorn, like good farm animals.

At some point I say: good for the rich.