Cecil The Lion Might Just Sink Donald Trump And the GOP

This disgusting image now becomes a political litmus test in the 2016 US presidential campaign. The figures are one gorgeous, fucking DEAD, African leopard, and the poor creature's murderers: Donald Trump moral-moron sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump. The question American voters will ask themselves: would I be proud of these "men", as my sons, or would I demand post-natal abortion for both of them?
The political world is absurdly crazy, as we all should know by now.

Last week, all was well with some idiot gun nut named Dr. Walter Palmer (who by now should be headed to Paraguay or someplace similar to hide out with antique Nazis and other moral trash). And all was really well with Donald Trump, leading figure so far in the 2016 Republican presidential campaign. He was leading in early polls, and his popularity was rising amongst Republicans, which by itself should speak great, dismal, volumes for the perceived value of the other Republican candidates.

In 2012, we had a clown car of bad Republican candidates (in most sane people's minds, "bad Republican" is a redundancy). In 2016, i.e. the lead-up to it, it is more like a boxcar of clowns and outrageous characters that are vying for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump, who has threatened for decades to run for president, mainly on the strength of his self-promotion as a great business person, only now, in the dismal last days of the GOP, has decided to run for the Republican nomination.

One has wondered, in looking at the other, incredibly weak, candidates the Republicans are so far sifting through, how a Trump movement might be thwarted. Worse, there is the prospect of a Trump third-party candidacy, which most likely would totally sink the GOP chances in 2016. What can stop Trump?

Answer: poor, dead, Cecil the Lion.

By now, you probably know Cecil as the much-beloved Zimbabwean lion, which lived in protected status in the African nation, until recently, when an American dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer—currently the most hated man in the world—paid poachers $50,000 to lure Cecil out of his sanctuary, and into open country, where Palmer, as big a lout and idiot as one could imagine, wounded the lion with a crossbow, and then tracked the dying animal for almost two days. When the tortured lion was finally found by the murderers, it was shot, skinned, and decapitated, to provide a trophy head for Dr. Palmer.

Unfortunately for Palmer, he killed a protected, and GPS-tracked lion, which made it much easier for authorities to discover what had happened, and who the perpetrators were. In the last few days, Palmer has gone from a tooth-pulling nobody from Minnesota, to the most thoroughly despised human being on the face of the Earth. Talk about going viral—in a really bad way.  There are millions of people in the world who would gladly see Palmer treated to the same mercy he gave Cecil. Handing the dentist over to Islamic State might actually be a more merciful fate to what some people want to do to Palmer.

Global citizens, and even most Americans, have had enough with these kinds of psychopathic celebrations. Seen here, Dr. Walter Palmer, on left, poor dead lion, center, and some other asshole-accessory to murder-photos on the right. Note to GOP: it isn't the 19th century any longer, idiots, and even in the 19th century, "civilized" behavior really wasn't exemplified by this kind of revolting foolishness.
What has all this to do with Donald Trump? The general, global hatred of hunting, as a sport, has been increasing for some time. Already, quite a few individuals have been brought low by their public declaration and publicly-shared images of their murdering animals. The Cecil killing has taken the global hatred of sport hunting to a new level altogether. It turns out that Trumps's sons are hunters (i.e., murderers) of big-game trophy animals.

In 2015, there is something really, essentially, barbaric about rich (almost always white) assholes, posing triumphantly with beautiful, dead, bodies of large animals that in many cases are struggling to survive as a species. This is not killing for any other reason than the thrill of killing. These psychopathic idiots do not need the animals for food, and certainly Cecil the Lion was not threatening anyone in Minnesota.

Trump has come out saying he supports his sons and is a member of the NRA—blah, blah, blah— which implies support for the glory of killing animals. Of course the Second Amendment was not established for the sport-hunting of animals, but to guarantee an active militia would be available for the defense of the state.

It is very likely this Cecil the Lion debate will further polarize the political debate in the USA, and especially on the Republican side of the debate. If the Republicans nominate a candidate with connections to big-game hunting, that idea and that image alone might be sufficient to sink that candidate's chances of winning in a general presidential election.

That is how crazy the world of American politics is. And yet, in that madness and that chaos, a kind of wisdom surfaces, because in 2015, and 2016, maybe it really is time for rich morons to stop celebrating their torture and murder of defenseless animals.