The Bushy Traits Of Barack Obama, War Criminal And Tyrant

In a recent picture, Barack Obama reportedly reaches for a smoke, as he talks tyranny with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The white hair and the cigs come with the realization on the part of US presidents that if there is a Hell, they most certainly are bound there.
That Barack Obama is an awful person is not news. And I don’t mean, as the conservatives do, that he was born especially awful, i.e. Kenyan, or that his actions have been especially awful. No, the fact he is POTUS necessitates, we are told, his awful actions. 

But the ease with which Barack Obama repeatedly subverts the law, kills people (including Americans and poor, brown babies), spies on all Americans, fights and expands undeclared wars, and gripes (just like Bush did) about how it would all be easier without Congress in the way, makes me think Obama is not a better man or a better president, but quite a mediocre war criminal and tyrant.

And if you would say well that all just comes with the office, then maybe we should get rid of the office, and the awful assumptions that motivate expressions of its power.

It is difficult at this point to view Obama’s escape from Iraq, certainly on the timetable devised by the Bush regime but still, as anything other than a green light to what became Islamic State. Does that qualify as a strategic foreign policy blunder on Obama’s part? 

The Terror Wars have been such a continuous and horrible stream of blundering, it is difficult to see how this particular portion of it is much worse than any other. Yes, Islamic State seems worse, but really it is just a logical result of the dynamics that have been in play in Iraq ever since George W. Bush made the catastrophically stupid decision to take out Saddam in 2003. 

And it wasn’t just the taking out part that was stupid, it was the absolutely inane idea these neocon wonderturds promoted—and still promote—that if you broke Iraq into ethnic shards, somehow democracy would rush in to fix everything. Or, if you just spent an enormous fortune training the Iraqi military, it could defend itself when committed jihadists came calling from Syria and Anbar.

It isn’t that I forget to blame the war criminal Bush in this critique. Far from it. It is that I find quite striking how Bushy Barack Obama has become, and how I think he most likely always was. 

The campaign blather about hope and change? 

Only the most dire fools believe that shit any longer. This is an empire after all, and Barry wasn’t going to let the black guy fuck that up.