Getting Over The Pie

We need to get over tribes just like we need to get over gods. We need to get serious about humanity as a common experience. And that means taking the rap for EVERYBODY just like taking credit for everybody.

In other words, if you feel some pride that humanity can reach out to the stars, that we can understand the Universe in a deep way, that we can reach into the body and do amazing things to save lives, that we can feed more people than ever before, that we are the smartest and most wonderful monkeys on the planet—then you have to take the downside too.

In other words, the feeling you should have about the Holocaust ought to be PERSONAL shame, that your species is that fucked up. The same with Islamic State. It isn't just Muslims who should have a personal problem or sense of failure about the behavior of those maniacs. Everyone, every thinking person, should have a shared sense of failure that our world (with humans in it) is that incredibly vile.

Don't just join hands to sing Kumbaya. Join hands to sing—"God, we suck".

And then try to move on, together. In order to facilitate that, we have a lot of talking to do, about the most basic things, like where we should be moving on towards—together.

I would suggest one small step for humanity in the right direction is to get over satire. Authorities need to be pelted with pies in the face, every day. And killing people for it is insane. Pretty simple.

On the other hand, knowing you are offending hundreds of millions of people with your pie is maybe not the brightest way to make your satire effective in the sense of illustrating the problem with the authority, instead of you.