Proof Americans Are Psychopathic Monsters—Majority Says CIA Torture Justified

Americans have thrown away their principles of justice and civil liberty for all people of the world—not just Americans—and have become a torch-bearing mob, seeking monsters. In the process, they have become what they seek, what they perhaps always really were. This is the failure of the American experiment. The capitalists and the militarists have bent the USA and the American people to war, terror, and a love of evil for so long the nation has permanently lost its soul.
Or maybe it is just proof that, as asshole Professor Gruber said, Americans are just that stupid.

Could be both, that Americans are especially stupid monsters.

One thing is clear, a number of recent polls show that a majority of Americans, and a large majority of Republicans, say that CIA torture of prisoners and scores of innocent kidnap victims was justified—yes, that’s right.

A new Pew Poll on the question of whether CIA torture was justified shows 51% of all respondents saying torture is OK with them. The percentage of Republicans is much higher, at 75%, and 73% of Republicans said torturing people (including innocent people) helped stopped terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, a plurality in the Pew Poll said they thought releasing the Senate CIA Torture Report was the "wrong decision".

In a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, the approval of torture is even stronger, with the total of Americans saying torture was justified coming in at 59%, a strong majority of Americans. The WaPo/ABC News poll suggests most of those people understand that "harsh tactics" or any other euphemism the CIA and its apologists are using is equivalent to "torture". There is no confusion about this. There is simply the consistent and resistant (to facts) belief amongst most Americans that CIA torture stopped terrorist attacks and saved American lives.

So, does that mean that the torture apologists have won the debate in the past week? Does it mean Dick Cheney’s argument that, so long as it is in the interest of achieving the “objective”, torturing innocent people is OK has won the day?

Have the American people gone that mad? Or were they always that mad, and Cheney simply demagogued to what he understood to be the manipulable madness of the crowd?

We cannot expect Americans to be experts in international law, and Constitutional questions of habeas corpus and restrictions against “cruel and unusual punishments”, as those limits might apply to alleged enemies taken to foreign torture chambers by the CIA.

But we can reasonably ask what in the American soul has gone so awry that most US citizens are OK with the vast, criminal, behavior of their government. If 9/11 has so frightened people that they will surrender everything of the decent side of American values to monstrous war criminals, then one has to seriously question whether those decent, admirable, values, were ever worth more than the parchment or paper they were written on.

We really know the answer to that already however. For, if petty criminals gunned down by the police elicit outraged protests that power is being wielded unjustly in the USA, why wouldn’t we see similar or greater protests against US national policies that have harmed so many thousands of people all over the world?

One answer might be that, for all the deaths and terrible injuries and great costs endured (and perpetrated) by Americans in the Terror Wars, they don’t add up to much against the yearly firearm killings and woundings and huge economic injustices Americans inflict on one another. The USA is a violent, actually quite psychopathic, land. Perhaps it has become more so since 9/11, but this is merely an enhancement of the natural, brutal, American character.

So, in answer to a question I asked above, the worst thing about Dick Cheney’s chilling defense of CIA torture of innocent people was not that he was so far out of step with the American mainstream. It was that Cheney was actually expressing what most Americans believe to be true.