Republicans Begin Assault On Science: Will Degrade EPA Climate Rules

Stupid scientists are always trying to ruin every (rich person’s) effort to keep their bank accounts flowing with green, by demanding that there is something bad about coal plants (and delicious, nutritious coal). Seriously, where’s the evidence to support all this crazy “coal is evil” nonsense? So there’s a little smoke. Everybody loves fireplaces, after all. And nobody is dying from those, are they? Thank God (in the one Christian Heaven) that Republicans have taken back over control of science policy in Congress. Now the Apocalypse can safely (or you know—catastrophically really) proceed.
NOTE: I have not reported on the events of November 4th (last Tuesday). I had predicted the outcome for some time. It happened. It wasn't a wave—except of America's deep-white and red Confederate flag. Most Americans are so repulsed by American politics at this point, they stayed home and did something useful instead of voting. As for the white people who did vote, I have pointed out that there are always regrettable consequences to the American people actually employing the extremely stupid political system in the USA. One of these consequences is that when the cowardly, corporatist Democrats fail (in their mission to wank off the electorate concerning "hope and change"), and need to be tossed out, the only replacement party America has to choose from is the heartless, soulless, brain-dead GOP. The consequences of choosing this remedy to the pointless fool Obama are already becoming clear.

In an effort to bring on the destruction of the Earth, and thus the Apocalypse, the newly-installed GOP Congressional majority reportedly says it will move to degrade and destroy EPA rules aimed at lessening global warming.

As the NY Times points out, the motives of the Republicans are not entirely ideological, but in some cases boil down to pure politics:
"Senator Mitch McConnell, the next majority leader, has already vowed to fight [EPA climate] rules, which could curb planet-warming carbon pollution but ultimately shut down coal-fired power plants in his native Kentucky."
Yeah, you wouldn't want coal-fired power plants (and coal-mining jobs that supply them) to go away would you? After all, how can you keep up Kentucky's much-envied position as ground zero for lung cancer in the USA?* As The Hill noted back in July, in fact it isn't the EPA that is threatening coal plants in Kentucky, it is the market. But, when McConnell was desperate for a Kentucky-style whoop-up to get all the lungers out to the polls, he knew the three letters EPA, poised against beloved COAL, would work magic.
*2011 figures reported by CDC

Also, if the Kentucky and GOP death cultures weren't enough to get people excited about fighting EPA, there's this to consider:
"The coal industry has paid McConnell well for his service. According to, during his years in office, McConnell has been by far the largest recipient of coal industry contributions of any member of Congress. He has raked in $748,899, compared to $640,825 for his nearest competitor, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner (Ohio)."
Yep, it's funny how good old graft can make a person already predisposed to ignore scientific facts (as Republicans seem born to do), unilaterally declare war on the mean old EPA—and the Earth and its peoples. Money talks.

In addition to thwarting science in it's evil attempt to stop human-caused climate change, the Republicans will also increase efforts to force Barack Obama to approve building the Keystone XL Pipeline, a construction project that, in addition to leaving bunches of little boom-and-bust towns in it's wake, will enable the flow of zillions of gallons of crude oil across the heartland of America in a stupid pipe. What could go wrong?

While the American people had to understand there was some risk involved in electing a Republican majority to control the US Congress—the risk being the Republicans would act like Republicans—the American people decided that showing crummy old Barack Obama what-for was worth destroying the planet Earth.

Much more good thinking like that from the American voters, and they won't need Republican maniacs like Mitch McConnell or Jim Inhofe to destroy the planet. Americans can simply vote the Earth out of office and replace it with a GOP planet pledged to ignore the laws of science and to transmute itself into the all-white, gold-paved Kingdom of God.

Won't that be great?

So, still a fan of the democracy thing are you?


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