Newest Episode Of Islamic State Beheading Program Shorter, Grimmer, Staler

Always absurd (and insane) Little Sissy Psycho, the star of Islamic State's "The Beheading Program", used a more restrained delivery (for the non-beheading portion) in episode 4. This week's victim, Allen Henning, an allegedly good-hearted poor soul who just went to Syria to help people, made a terse, unconvincing read of his scripted last words. This was followed by the usual claim by LSP that the proceedings are justified—like that even matters—on account of some mean thing Islamic State's burgeoning list of world-class enemies has done to it. The execution was grimmer than usual, with Henning clearly looking terrified before the standard fadeout. LSP returned to remind everyone that, assuming he has not been blown up or otherwise executed by then, he would be back soon to behead yet another American, Peter Edward Kessig.
The incredibly insane (for normal people) jihadi called Little Sissy Psycho was back yesterday with a new episode of Islamic State's snuff series, "The Beheading Program". 

This week's unfortunate guest, Allen Henning, had gone from the UK to Syria to try to do some humanitarian work. A cabby, Henning was driving in a convoy last year, when he was grabbed by bad guys and eventually ended up being made part of the succession of American and British victims on Islamic State's public response to Obama's war against the Caliphate.

One thing we noticed in the new episode, was the program itself was shorter, terser, with less (amateurish) theatricality on the part of LSP. For example, whereas in earlier videos LSP habitually employs his knife as as extension of his accusing outstretched hand, used to emphasize the alleged culpability of Obama, Cameron, or in this case the British Parliament, only when speaking disgustedly of the latter enemy did LSP bother to point his knife at the camera.

Maybe this was a kind of Freudian admission of the futility of his acting like an effectual macho creepazoid in the earlier episodes. For all his knife-waving and neck-cutting, LSP has not managed to stop Obama from blowing up whomever he wants wherever he wants all over Iraq and Syria.

One got the definite feeling LSP did not feel comfortable stretching out the performances, perhaps because he feared getting targeted and vaporized, he blathered on too long about how beheading a few unimportant non-players is a useful and appropriate response to scores of Islamic State fighters being sent on the fast-missile to Hell.

Even LSP sounded a little unconvinced his newest murder was going to do anything other than make British pilots that much more enthusiastic about killing Caliphate loonies.

The one point in the program where there was a definite change from earlier episodes was in the usually rather demure presentation of the actual execution. Whereas the thinking (such as it is) has been in earlier killings to suggest rather than show any part of the actual beheading, this time LSP and his victim were shot head-on for the execution and one can definitely see in the last second or so before the camera fades out, a look of deep terror on the face of Allen Henning, as LSP's blade runs back and forth over his throat. Henning's eyes widen and his mouth opens and you can hear the beginning of a scream. Then fade to black.

After that, and the usual display of Henning's corpse, with its bloody head resting on the decapitated body, LSP returned to show us the prospective victim for the next episode: Peter Edward Kessig, an American vet of the Iraq War.

Short of killing LSP, and all the other nuts guarding hostages of Islamic State, Kessig's time is likely short. We hope that at least one of these victims would have the courage to sink his teeth into LSP's knife hand, or better to stand up and head-butt the little coward before making a likely hopeless dash to the background. Yeah, the escapee would probably get shot, but Islamic State probably won't be showing that way of dying on the Internet.

Just a thought to spice up the already quite drearily repetitive plots of this dumb dreadful show.