Chris Christie Says “Time To Start Offending People”—No Problem, Pigfucker

The poster child for pigfuckers, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), plowed new rotten ground for Republicans on Tuesday, explaining how minimum wage is so fucking boring to him because the "lowest common denominator"—what Christie calls poor workers struggling to get by on minimum wage—are, as Mitt Romney pointed out, part of the class of government slaves the Republicans don't care anything about. Christie also pointed out that America's children suck, because they get lousy test scores in math and science. He said: "It’s time to start offending people."
On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), who among other things is head of the Republican Governors Association, made the keynote address to the Institute for Legal Reform of the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Legal Reform group of the Chamber is focused on gutting tort laws throughout the US, so that consumers who are harmed by businesses will have fewer resources to seek damages. Of course, this also means the businesses will have more money and more incentive to keep harming consumers.

While Christie was answering questions at the end of his remarks, he addressed how “tort reform” could be a real boon to the economy and to working people especially:
“How about dealing with tort reform? You know, companies would have a lot more income to be able to pay to their folks in their businesses, if they didn’t have to worry about putting away the billions and billions and tens of billions of dollars they have to put away to legal fees and legal settlements in the system that we have today.”
One can imagine that all the legal fees and debt judgements saved by corporations from not having to pay the consequences of their harming consumers would go directly into the pockets of their struggling workers. But outside of our imaginations, I think we all know what bullshit that really is.

Imagine for example, that BP didn’t have to pay for destroying so many livelihoods in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from a few years ago. While BP might have been better off, how does that balance out the devastation it caused by so destructively going about its business?

Then Christie got to the part of his remarks about this that caused quite a stir in the last few days:
“Maybe the President could talk a little bit about that when he dresses up the income inequality question, because I tell you the truth, I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table in America tonight where they’re saying you know honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my god, all our dreams would be realized.”
It is difficult to imagine a much clearer expression of Republican cluelessness about the condition of working people in the US than this idiotic statement. Actually, contrary to what Christie says, many Americans would be very happy to see their son or daughter or themselves getting a higher minimum wage. Would that satisfy “all their dreams”. And that’s the thing that really stings here about Christie’s total lack of awareness.

Because the correct response to that question is:

What fucking dreams are you talking about?

Christie replies that Americans aspire to “a greater, growing America where their children can have the ability to make much more money and have much greater success than they’ve had.”

Actually, most Americans have given up any hope that their children are likely to obtain “much greater success” or any success. They well understand the American system is so horribly fixed in favor of rich people and corporations, that “moving on up” has been permanently replaced by moving nowhere—or worse—moving on down to poverty.

So, yeah, raising the minimum wage would make a big difference to a lot of Americans’ lives.

But, Chris Christie and the Republicans have other plans for America.

What plans? Well, lots more austerity, meaning budget cutting and tax reductions.

As Christie said:
“Pain will be involved. Some people will be made unhappy.”
The thing is, people are already suffering pain—lots of it—but the people doing the suffering are not the people reaping the biggest financial rewards from the system. The people being punished by Republican austerity are the least able to deal with any more pain in their lives. As Christie points out, he and the Republicans simply do not care about those people—the majority of Americans.

Christie also pointed out he is prepared to be disliked, even hated, because as he often says:
“I don’t care whether they love me…I want to be respected.”
Well, more and more people in New Jersey and the nation have another idea for the appropriate reaction to Chris Christie—they despise him and the Republicans.

And that makes what Barack Obama has managed to do to Democrats, basically single-handedly dooming their chances of making gains in Congress instead of losing control of it entirely, utterly amazing.

There is no good reason for the American people to commit suicide by voting for Republicans, except that it is the only electoral pushback they possess to say to the Democrats that Barack Obama sucks so much that even voting for a heinous, stupid, Republican seems an appropriate response.