Pax Obama Is Incessant War, Beheadings, Bombings, Global Brutality

White House website's search results give us some idea of why Barack Obama is so bad at managing the world. His focus seems to be on other topics. For example, the word "golf" returns 34,000 search results at the White House. The word "Ukraine" only comes in at 26,000 search results, and "Islamic State"?—a paltry 78 results. Obama bristles at the idea people are mad at him for golfing while the world is burning, but maybe they've bothered to read Suetonius' account of the Emperor Nero during the burning of Rome.
If, as Barack Obama keeps insisting, and many pundits keep claiming as well, the role of the United States in foreign policy is to provide a kind of political and moral gyroscope to the world, to keep it from flying apart at its seams—well, that isn’t working.

This morning, the world is increasingly aflame with wars, beheadings, bombings, and brutality spreading rapidly all over.

For example, the Obama efforts to stop Russia from grabbing more of Ukraine (than they already have) failed today as Russian tanks and troops have invaded southeastern Ukraine and seized territory, including the town of Novoazovsk. This is an expansion of the Russian war against Ukraine, with the most direct Russian involvement so far. While the label “separatist” is still applied by media sources like Reuters (they call the invaders “separatists backed by Russian soldiers”) the charge Russian troops are openly engaged in battle now with Ukrainian government troops is clearly made.

Reuters reports:
“The sudden reverses for the Ukrainian military appeared to confirm the arrival of Russian forces to support the separatists, who have in recent weeks been under pressure from government forces in their strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk, the east's two main cities.”
When Putin seized Crimea from Ukraine earlier this year, Obama had initiated a series of targeted economic sanctions against high-ranking Russian political and economic leaders. As Russia has increased its pressure against Ukraine, encouraging a "separatist" rebellion against the Ukrainian government that led to the mass murder of almost 300 people on a Malaysian commercial jet (shot down by a Russian missile), Obama has increased the sanctions.

These appeared to slow the Russians for a while, but Putin bided his time until the United States was militarily engaged against The Islamic State, in Iraq, and possibly next in Syria. The US will want Russian cooperation with any Syrian operation against IS. Has Obama “sold” Eastern Ukraine to the Russians for that cooperation? Did Obama ask Putin to at least be kind enough to call the Russian campaign against eastern Ukraine a separatist movement and not a Russian invasion?

If all Obama has to offer for the new Russian invasion of Ukraine are more sanctions, we will have good cause to doubt Obama’s sincerity in opposing Russian expansionist aggression—since continuing Obama’s ineffective, even provocative strategy, against Putin is clearly not working.

What's A Few (Thousand) Heads Amongst Crazy People?

Meanwhile, on the beheading front, with that form of public execution—always a favorite for thousands of years with all brands of monotheists and other deranged groups—now gaining in popularity across the Middle East, Reuters reports this morning that:
“A Sinai-based militant group said on Thursday it had beheaded four Egyptians, accusing them of providing Israel with intelligence for an airstrike that killed three of its fighters…In a video released on Twitter, Egypt's most dangerous militant group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, said the four men had been spying for Israel's Mossad spy agency. Armed men in black masks stood over the kneeling captives as one of the militants read out a statement. Minutes later, the four men had their heads cuts off.”
The Obama administration has exploited the beheading video of American journalist James Foley in its effort to whip up support for its new war against the Islamic State. While Foley’s death was no doubt brutal, to claim that the video of his beheading only now gave Obama and the American people a clear picture of the ruthless tactics employed by IS (The Islamic State), is quite remarkable. And, why should the death of one individual matter more than the mass killing (of hundreds of thousands) that has been going on in Syria and Iraq for years now?

The United States is of course the main reason the IS exists. The surging barbarism in the world, and particularly in Africa and across the Middle East, is directly attributable to the disastrous destabilizing policies of successive American administrations, which have sought to remake much of the area on American terms, with American values imposed over and against Islamic values at the point of a gun, or a drone attack, and with horrible outcomes.

While Barack Obama may not be responsible by himself for the mess the world in is today—certainly much of the horror is the fault of George W. Bush and his war-criminal gang—Obama cannot escape the charge that he has never been clear, and certainly not convincing, about whatever personal vision or aims he had for US foreign policy. His behavior in response to crisis after crisis suggests he simply has no idea what he is doing, other than to offer a desultory version of Bush's horrible ideas, for example the stupid (Obama-Petraeus) Afghan Surge, modeled on the almost-as-stupid (Bush-Petraeus) Iraq Surge.

The latter is worth mentioning—repeatedly—because it laid the groundwork for the inevitable rise of Islamic State. The Iraq Surge sought to give American troops breathing space to make a getaway, finally achieved in 2011. It employed bribery and ethnic cleansing to substitute for ends (ethnic inclusion in the Iraqi government) that everyone knew were either years away, or in fact impossible to achieve. When the Americans left, the Shia majority could not stomach continuing to bribe their former masters, the Sunnis, to play nice and not go back to being Qaeda-allied insurgents. When the money dried up, the no-longer-bribed ex-insurgents went right back to plotting the destruction of the Shia government (i.e., Iraq), this time allied with the Syrian-war-trained Islamic State fighters.

What this boils down to is that Barack Obama's failure to find a way to meaningfully stay in Iraq—at least to the point of continuing to pay off the Sunni insurgents—and his failure to find a way to meaningfully degrade ISIL in Syria, doomed thousands of people to horrible deaths, now including at least one beheaded American.

And that is just one reason that the American people have deep buyer’s remorse regarding Barack Obama. It isn’t that they love Republicans—they absolutely despise them. But in the defective American system of politics, the GOP is the only alternative allowed.

And that is no alternative at all.