CIA Gone Insane—Attacked Senate—Lied About It—Obama Defends CIA

CIA Director John O. Brennan earlier this year asserting that when CIA's internal review of charges The Agency hacked and stole from United States Senate computers, the Senators making those charges would be proven wrong. In fact, the IG's report proved precisely the opposite, that the CIA had conducted criminal breakins of Senate computers. Worse, the CIA then falsely blamed Senate staffers for criminal behavior. Yet, after all that, Brennan is keeping his job (so far), and the White House is praising his leadership.
The headline tells you all you need to know.

That is how totally fucked the United States and its people are at this point. The government is at war with itself, with the world (of course), and most especially the American government is at war with the American people.

The last time that happened (not counting the Civil War thingy), the government enemy were clearly distinguishable because they were wearing red coats, tricorns, and were shouting “God save the King!”

This time they’re wearing gray suits and red ties, just like their corporate thug counterparts, and they’re shouting “God save the surveillance state from the rabble!”

Even the United States Senate, who this time got shoved by the CIA into the "rabble" file, had until this spring been onboard with the spy-thug view of things. After all, the Senate, controlled by Democrats, was anxious to give a pass to Barack Obama’s spy thugs at the NSA and the CIA. That was true even though the same United States Senate was investigating the spy-thug crimes of the previous administration of it under George W. Bush—and Obama had done very little to change Bush's operational assumptions.

For example, when James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, came before the Senate last year and knowingly lied about whether the NSA spy thugs were collecting mounds of data on the American people, the Senate did not demand that Barack Obama fire Clapper. That is because Barack Obama was responsible for Clapper being there in the first place and Barack Obama knew Clapper had lied to the Senate—and to the American people (like anybody gives a crap about them)—and Obama said and did nothing to fix that problem.


Because Barack Obama did not consider it a problem.

After all, until Edward Snowden’s revelations let everyone know that Clapper was in fact a liar, and that the spy-thug arm of the government was in fact collecting massive amounts of data on all Americans, Obama was OK regularly lying to the American people as well. In fact, Obama called the lying "transparency."

Even after Snowden's revelations happened, which was really the beginning of the end of Barack Obama’s credibility with the American people, the United States Senate plodded along, basically doing nothing to rein in the arm of government which posed far more of a threat to the United States than the foreign enemies the NSA and the CIA were supposed to be surveilling.

But, as noted above, there was this little problem.

For years, the Senate had been working on a report on the out-of-control spy thuggery perpetrated under Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush. The latter believed (or leaked that it was his belief) that the only way to prevent another 9/11 from happening was to spy on every single thing every single American did. Also, Bush figured opening an American-owned, internationally franchised, Spanish Inquisition, torturing terrorist suspects, was allowed under the Bush Convention (recommending helpful warcrimes and other tips).

Later, an aide to Colin Powell, Bush's main (presumably non-rabid) public pusher for the Iraq War, would say that Bush’s whole torture regime was run to link al-Qaeda to Saddam Hussein, so Bush could justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq:
“[The torture program’s] principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at preempting another terrorist attack on the US, but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al-Qaeda.”
When Powell presented his “slam-dunk” argument about Iraq’s WMD stockpiles at the UN, he used torture-obtained confessions from Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi to claim a connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The confessions would later be proven false, and instead of protecting America from terrorists, George Bush’s CIA was operating a terrorist torture ring to supply justification for a war that would kill and maim tens of thousands of Americans—many times the number al-Qaeda harmed on 9/11.

It was this question about what the CIA’s torture regime was really doing—to America—that the United States Senate was looking into answering in a new report. The CIA had been ordered to cooperate in this Senate investigation, but instead, when the CIA realized Senate staffers, who were given access to CIA files, had actually, accidentally, obtained access to a secret internal report on torture that the CIA did not want the Senate Intelligence Committee to see, the spy thugs were quick on the attack. In the process of pushing for a Justice Department investigation of alleged Senate staffer crimes, the CIA revealed that The Agency had been hacking and stealing data from the Senate staffers’ computers.

When all of this first came out, back in March, with recriminations back and forth, Obama’s chief of the CIA, John O. Brennan, basically said it was “INCONCEIVABLE!” that the CIA had done anything wrong, and it was instead those crazy, hooligan Senate people, thinking they had the right to oversee the CIA and everything (actually the Senate has that right and obligation), and also—Brennan claimed—when the CIA’s internal investigation by their Inspector General was complete, the CIA would be completely exonerated:
"When the facts come out on this, I think a lot of people who are claiming that there has been this tremendous, sort of spying and monitoring and hacking will be proved wrong."
Well, the IG’s report was recently completed, and evil crimes were revealed. But the problem for Brennan and Obama is, the crimes were committed by the CIA thugs, who did in fact break into Senate staffers’ computers, steal data, and then tried to cover their crimes by falsely claiming it was the Senate that was at fault.

When Brennan admitted these facts this week, he apologized but he did not resign. In fact, Barack Obama's administration praised Brennan for doing a great job, and proving "proactive leadership."

Many in the Senate are calling for Brennan’s resignation, saying that he had provided no leadership at CIA, or worse criminal leadership. And they are calling for severe punishments for the CIA perpetrators—NOT the CIA torture-regime perpetrators (they’ve all been freed from US prosecution by Barack Obama)—but for those nasty hackers the CIA allowed to pee all over the Senate’s right to regulate.

It took a long time for the US Congress to feel personally picked on by the US government’s spy regime. The Senate was just fine with the NSA/CIA spying on all Americans. They knew that was going on for years!

But, when the Senate itself got a direct smack in the mouth from the spy thugs, it suddenly woke up to the possibility there just might be a big problem.

Well, not just one.

The United States government is a gigantic mess at this point, and the American people, clearly, are an afterthought to the destructive children in charge.

It is difficult to see how November’s elections could change that. Or 2016’s elections. Or any election.

The system is broken. Having a new cast of caretakers isn’t going to fix the problems. The fundamental assumptions of government and the people running and working in it have to be overthrown, and new, modern, principles of fairness and justice have to be established and enforced.

Otherwise, this decrepit 18th-century political experiment called the American democracy is going to crash and burn into total tyranny—in name as well as practice.