Israel Slaughters Palestinians, Obama And Democrats Support The Genocide

In Israel’s latest affirmation of its bloody, generations-long, occupation of Palestine, little Palestinian children are ground up and spat out like vermin by the Israeli military. The child pictured above was wounded by Israeli attacks in Rafah, on July 21, 2014. No doubt the survivors of Auschwitz would be proud to see what Israel has come to, slaughtering babies in the name of vengeance and Lebensraum.
Mass-murdering monsters are having a great July!

is shooting down airplanes full of children in Ukraine, and Netanyahu is slaughtering babies in Gaza.

In both cases, the United States is, as Sonny Corleone once warned against, standing around with its dick in its hand.

In fact, it’s worse than that. In both cases, the United States, which is to say the hopeless, helpless Barack Obama, is aiding and abetting the slaughter.

In the case of Russia, while Obama postures like he’s concerned to do something about Putin’s gradual but determined efforts to destabilize Ukraine (resulting in last week’s horrific downing by Russian-backed separatists of a Malaysian jet carrying 295 passengers), the US president has repeatedly made it clear he won’t stand up to Putin militarily, and that he considers Putin’s and Russia’s partnership with the US more important than Russia’s piratical behavior.

In the case of Israel, the American backing of Israel’s war crimes is even more explicit, with the United States Senate, including every single member, recently voting to affirm Israel’s latest invasion and slaughter in Gaza. What this means, with respect to the political process in the United States, is that when any of these Senators, for example the much-loved and much-unexamined Elizabeth Warren, chooses to run for higher office, they cannot honestly dispute the charge that they are big fans of genocide.

The Senate Resolution 498, introduced by Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), has some interesting claims. For example:
“Hamas has killed hundreds of Israelis and dozens of Americans in rocket attacks and suicide bombings.”
Is that true?

In fact, the numbers of deaths from suicide bombings in Israel are in the hundreds over many years. But, the number of deaths from rocket attacks by Hamas in Israel are relatively few.

Meanwhile, the Senate resolution does not point out how many Palestinians have been killed in numerous Israeli attacks over the years—the numbers are many times the Israeli losses, and no one (except the Israeli government) accepts the idea that the majority of these Palestinian deaths represent Israel acting in self defense.

So deranged is the Israeli government on the issue of the huge numbers of Palestinians being slaughtered by Israel, that one Israeli government minister, Naftali Bennett, claimed the Palestinians in Gaza were committing “self-genocide”, by “sending their women and children to stand next to missile launchers in order for them to get killed”.

Of course, if Israel knows there are women and children standing next to missile launchers, why would the Israeli military deliberately murder those people by attacking the launchers? If the answer is that Israel counts achieving a military objective as more important than the lives of hundreds and thousands of Palestinians, that sounds a great deal like an attempt at justifying mass-murder terrorist attacks by Israel.

The American government is complicit in those terrorists attacks by Israel, and in the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. That has always been the case.

And that is a big reason why the United States is, understandably, so widely despised throughout the Muslim world. If that weren’t enough to make Muslims hate America, add to this the Bush and Obama anti-Muslim terror wars, and the question is not why do “they” hate us?—but why the hell wouldn’t they?