GOOAAL!—Five Catholic Men Beat 75 Million American Women

The Republicans of the Supreme Court, all Catholics, whose hatred of the people of the United States of America is evident. Yesterday, stomping in the faces of 75 million working women in the USA, the SCOTUS-bags said ONE RICH WHITE MAN gets his way against thousands of his women workers. This is dead wrong. It is up to the American people to get rid of these Republican thugs and everything they represent—forever!
Never have so few assaulted so many so outrageously.

Well, not since 2000 (see below), when another Republican SCOTUS majority doomed America and the world to eight years of George W. Bush as war-criminal-in-chief.

At this point, any woman who would vote for a Republican has to be misinformed, crazy, or just plain stupid.

The same goes for any person who cares about the needs of poor people.

Or undocumented immigrants.

Or civil rights and social equality issues for all ethnic minorities.

Or GLBT rights.

Or college students struggling to pay their outrageous education loans.

Or—you know—science—which covers a lot of territory, but how about we start with climate change and evolution, and how much damage a Republican meathead put in a position to influence national science policy can do.

After yesterday’s remarkable assault by the Republican SCOTUS majority on worker’s rights, women’s rights, and the majority’s rights to expect health care to trump religious extremism in America, the score in the USA is very clear.

Five Supreme Court conservative Catholic men (no chance of any religious bias there, huh?) just told millions of women—God and the Supreme Court hate you.

Now what?

Some people are saying boycott Hobby Lobby.

But, even if that were an effective tool at costing Hobby Lobby business, all that will do is put more pressure on Hobby Lobby employees, who because they make a little more than most retail employees on average, are vulnerable to business cost-cutting (like losing their pay advantages or getting fired).

And anyway, this is not just about or mainly about Hobby Lobby.

It’s about the serious, intolerable, problem in the now utterly unrepresentative Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Let’s look at some of the lunatic decisions the Republican majority on the Court has rendered over the last 15 years:

1. Bush v. Gore—The most infamous Supreme Court decision since Dredd Scott affirmed the US view of black human beings as "property" to be bought and sold like pigs and cows. Bush v. Gore affirmed the Republican hatred of America, of its democratic system of government, of the right of the people of the USA to choose leaders who have life-or-death power over them. The Republican majority of the SCOTUS, overlooking the fact Bush had lost the 2000 election by 1/2 a million votes, and understanding that the five Republican votes in the SCOTUS were all that was required to erase the electoral decision of 51 million Americans who wanted Gore to be president, said "fuck democracy", and appointed George W. Bush to be the worst, the most disastrous, president in the history of the nation.

2. District of Columbia v. Heller (AKA guns for everyone)—Not until this 2008 5-4 decision (the usual Republican majority suspects against the Dem minority) had the Supreme Court felt like saying: oh yeah, handguns are totally militia weapons, and lets send truckloads of them into Washington D.C., where national security isn't that big a deal anyway. The whole "militia" argument was ridiculous. After all, when was the last time you went out with your fellow Minute Men to practice fighting the Redcoats or the Mohawks (indians)? Probably been awhile. It isn't the 18th century any longer, and arming Americans to the teeth, as if they were about to be invaded by—well, you name the group the crazy, Republican white supremacist nuts are afraid of, and they'll insist that's why they need those massive stockpiles of weapons, along with assisting the right-wing violent overthrow of the US government. It isn't a militia if it's overthrowing the government. It's a terrorist group—well, technically, most of the US gun-nut groups are not exactly al-Qaeda-level threats (except to themselves). But, as I've said, repeal the Second Amendment. It's the only way to make America safe from itself.

3. Citizens United—Once upon a time, somebody got the idea that if you allowed giant corporations and billionaires (and other large organizations like big labor unions) to pump as much money as they wanted into the election system, they could essentially buy it. How? By gobbling up entire available blocks of on-air advertising, and dominating messaging to such a degree few people would even hear a competing message. People generally thought that sounded like a bad thing, and there were election rules against it. All that got wiped out by "Citizens United", a ruling affirming several crazy things:

a. Money is speech.
b. Corporations are people.
c. Therefore, constitutionally protected speech must include corporations spending their huge piles of money to buy elections.

Effectively, that means the people and organizations with the most money can dominate speech, and so this decision, rather obviously, empowers the wealthy to even more completely dominate the unwealthy majority. It therefore continues the assault on democracy, a primary policy project of the SCOTUS Republican majority for many years now.

We should note that the four minority justices, Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, agreed with the majority on one part of this decision, upholding a reporting provision of the election law, but dissented on the main portion.

4. Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby—People are still trying to absorb this incredibly stupid decision. While Republican doofuses are quick to point out that Hobby Lobby wasn't trying to stop women from using contraceptives—just from using some contraceptives Hobby Lobby did not like—that is of course the point! We don't need religious lunatics intervening in health care decisions of their employees. Either offer the insurance mandated by federal law—or don't offer health insurance. Now, the Supreme Court has said any religious nut with a "sincere" case of the Godlies, can just say he doesn't like some aspect of health care coverage and stop offering it. That fact makes a mess of any federally mandated health insurance program, which is of course part of the point of the Republican vote on this—it is another bite out of the useful services the ACA was offering. Another huge blow to ACA occurred when the Supreme Court made the expansion of Medicaid optional in the states, a decision that has harmed millions of the poorest Americans—who as noted above are on the lengthy enemies list of the SCOTUS Republican majority. Also, the Hobby Lobby decision once again extends the notion of corporations as people, now granting them the freedom of religion, as protected by federal law originally intended to assist Native Americans. Well, cynicism and hate are bywords of Republican jurisprudence.

The only way to rid the SCOTUS of this life-threatening disease of Republican domination is to attack the problem at the source: the Congress, and chiefly the Senate, where Supreme Court justices are confirmed (or not). It is not enough that the current Senate has a Democratic majority. It must have a truly liberal Democratic majority, enough to overcome the lunatic right-wing minority’s most evil obstructionism.

At every level of the political spectrum, the attacks now must increase on Republicans. Smash them at every turn. Make Republicans realize their kind is just not wanted in the new America—that is the America made up of their victims who will increasingly come to dominate politically.

If you know a Republican, tell him or her they’re wrong, and unforgivably wrong. Yes, that’s divisive, isn’t it? But we’re already divided so badly that the USA is teetering on a complete political meltdown. Identifying the problem—the Republican problem—is the first step towards fixing that condition.