Americans Give Up On Obama—“Worse Than Bush” Is The Verdict

Barack Obama reacts with understandable horror at the news he just lost to George W. Bush in a popularity poll amongst Americans. That doesn't mean people suddenly love Bush—nope, they still hate him. But Obama has now fallen down to that level of negative feelings amongst Americans. Maybe Barry should start learning how to paint. Instead of course—he's reinvading Iraq.
A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that Americans are fed up with President Obama, now viewing him as “worse than Bush”, in other words Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush. While Bush is still widely viewed in negative terms by most respondents to the poll, now "Dubya" must be relieved to know that, for the moment, the American people hate Obama even more.

While there is a good and serious debate to be had about whether that is a fair—or sane—conclusion on the part of the American people (60% of whom actually said Obama was worse or about the same as Bush), it follows from the fact, also revealed in the poll, that the American people have given up on their government as well.

Only 14% of Americans, according to the poll, say they can trust their government to do what is right most or almost all of the time. And a large number of Americans, 37%, say they “hardly ever” trust the government to do the right thing.

With intense skepticism or outright hatred of the US government so high amongst all Americans, across the political spectrum, it is no wonder the head of the government, whose job is in part to inspire trust, is now widely viewed as a failure. But, Obama has made too many promises, later broken, to stand much realistic chance of keeping the trust of the people.

Ironically, it is the collapse of the ghastly Iraq adventure, which was George W. Bush’s monster, that has finally done in Barack Obama’s presidency. While Obama actually did what most Americans believe was the right thing—pulling all US troops out back in 2011—the evident incalculable waste in lives and trillions of dollars the Iraq War now represents, is too much for many Americans to stomach.

They need to blame someone. And Bush is safely painting pictures in Dallas. So Barack Obama takes the heat. And that is especially so since in the last week we have learned the unbelievably bad news that Obama is once again sending US military forces back to fight and die in Iraq.

If Obama was hoping to start digging his way out of his approval deficit with the American people, reinvading Iraq is hardly the way to do it. But, Obama, who in the poll was actually rated the worst president of all since the end of WWII (and that includes Nixon and Bush the younger!), may have decided America is going to hate him and there is nothing he can do about it.