When Democracy Just Doesn’t Work—Try Dictatorship—But Call It “Do-Something”

President Obama spends a lot of his time in interviews looking away, like oh—maybe he's trying to figure out what to say next. Yeah, that's the ticket. Or maybe, he's trying to avoid having to look straight ahead at the person he's lying to. Who knows really? But this moment, just after ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Obama about John Boehner suing him, is pretty classic, and telling. It is absolutely the case Obama has been treated shabbily by the GOP, in fact, so shabbily the GOP has run over the interests of the American people to do it. But it's politics. And Obama has turned out to suck at the part of that which leads to democratic governing. So, he's going a little Castro and Chavez on us—maybe with a hint of Putin.
Now, of course, it isn’t a dictatorship like North Korea—not yet.

No, it’s beginning to look a lot like an American dictatorship though, where they call it “do-something”, which people like, versus, “do-nothing”, which people don’t like.

And, so sure is the President that do-something is the way to go, Barack Obama has started a campaign, and I mean a real political campaign, where they collect donations to push the message and everything, the basic argument of which is:

1. Crazy John Boehner won’t run his end of government by passing legislation—i.e. legislation that the Democratic-run Senate also will pass and that Obama will sign—so that kind of limits things when the GOP has vowed to pass nothing the Dems could stand.

2. So, since that means Congress is pretty much DOA legislatively, especially on substantive issues, Obama has no choice but to sign executive orders—essentially administrative dictates of policy that bypass Congress altogether.

3. Crazy John Boehner (and you know, he might just be drunk instead of crazy—who knows?—both?) has decided the President is a dictator, and that the best response to this is to sue him. Over what exactly? Boehner won’t say. Wouldn’t the best response be to impeach Obama, especially if he's doing all this illegal, unconstitutional stuff? Well, the GOP is working on that—don’t worry. But first they have to win the Senate this fall.

4. Since Boehner and the GOP have clearly gone off their rockers (actually that happened a long time ago), AND America hates Republican guts even more than they hate President Obama (thus the “win the Senate” angle may not happen for the GOP), Barry is pushing ahead with the “govern without Congress” fix, and best of all, America is absolutely OK with that. Anyway, that's what the Democrats say.

The explicit message, contained in the campaign video, which Obama’s fundraising team, Organizing for Action (once upon a time a "legislative" agenda pusher), calls a “mic drop” moment, is this comment from Obama’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanpoulos:
“I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something, while [Congress is] doing nothing...What I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly, is if you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress
While direct Executive Branch action pleases many Americans who are sick of Congress being absolutely unworkable—although in fairness, and thinking (briefly) about democracy, that does reflect the terrible political divisions in the country—the problem is that Obama is campaigning to make executive fiat sound like a fair substitute for a working government.

And Americans, battered by over a decade of the Executive Branch patting their little heads and telling them their president knows best during crises (wars, recession, natural disasters, and increasing poverty and social chaos), and that they should EXPECT dictatorial and anti-constitutional behavior on the part of their president because it’s necessary—are sitting and watching it on YouTube.

What action can citizens take, after all? They voted and that clearly didn’t accomplish anything, especially in getting the problems of the nation addressed.

The death of democracy comes when the people lose faith in the ability of their elected representatives to meet basic and important legislative needs. Those needs do not go away just because the people’s representatives are acting like a bunch of stupid children. And that opens a door to any leader brave or cynical enough to step up to the plate of dictatorship. Obama is certainly aware of polls showing that the American people have given up on him. So, he has little to lose, and potentially a great deal of public support to gain, by acting like an action hero, instead of a constitutional hero.

More than this, in a democracy, the people who ultimately need to be blamed for the failure of the system are the American people themselves. They keep electing the most horrible and inept people in the world to mangle the affairs of the United States of America.

Dictatorship, compared to the inefficiencies of a dysfunctional democracy, is increasingly seeming like the preferable course to more and more Americans.

Naturally, from a marketing standpoint, you cannot call it “dictatorship”. No, in America we like to call it “effective administration” or “good management”.

So, Obama is not a dictator—heaven forbid! He’s just an increasingly aggressive and confident CEO.

And everybody in America is working for him.

Not Big Brother. Big Boss.