ISIL Declares Itself The Caliphate Of All Islam—Calls For Global Muslim Allegiance

The greatest extent of the original Caliphate (colored portion of map). The little green box is the approximate area currently controlled by IS, or the new Islamic State Caliphate. So, the IS has a long way to go to obtain true Caliphate-like success—by historical standards anyway. However, by declaring a global Islamic state, and all other Islamics states to be invalid, IS can achieve one thing—being incredibly destabilizing.
A little thing happened on the way to Iraq basking in the glow of the horribly stupid decision of the United States to invade the place in 2003.

Instead of the US invasion and bloody occupation ridding Iraq of terrorism, and making the place safe for democracy and for the West, now the al-Qaeda derivative ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant) has dropped the limited locality titles, and has renamed itself The Islamic State (IS)—period. And what that also means is that the new IS government has declared itself THE Caliphate, and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is now the Caliph of Islam—or so IS is asserting.

What that means, according to a statement reportedly released by the Caliphate, is the following:
"It is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to [the Caliph] and support him...The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations, becomes null by the expansion of the khalifah’s authority and arrival of its troops to their areas."
This is basically a declaration of global war by IS on all existing Muslim states and governments. This means the somewhat dispersed Islamic insurgency against Western-oriented and supported Islamic states, which saw a big push in the Iraq War, and in the Arab Spring, has now a central focus, and depending on the level of support IS can garner from the world's Muslims, this could prove incredibly destabilizing to many states, including those which had been thought relatively immune from a serious insurgency.

For example, Reuters speculates tonight:
"Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia are likely to be alarmed by the open declaration of a caliphate that challenges their power and the dynastic system on which it rests."
Just so nobody will doubt the utter ruthlessness with which IS treats challenges to its authority, Reuters reports:
"The group crucified eight rival rebel fighters in Syria, a monitoring group said on Sunday,"
Yes, that's "crucified", as in the ancient Roman form of execution used to kill Jesus.

Welcome back to the First Century, everyone.

Wow, that whole spread democracy to the Middle East and then everything will be so much better thing really paid off, huh?

Is everybody on the same page now about sending the lousy, stinking neocons straight to fucking jail?