Dr. Annette Bosworth Latest GOP Candidate To Embrace Hatred Of Poor Americans

Dr. Annette Bosworth, explains part of the problem with her, and with Republicans in general—that they're just such hateful dumbasses. The ghost of Christine McDonnell's US Senate campaign can be seen swirling inspirationally in the background.
"My agenda is straightforward. I pledge to represent South Dakota with Conservative values."—Dr. Annette Bosworth, explaining the dire risks of electing her to public office.

Dr. Annette Bosworth, who one can only hope secures the Republican Party nomination to run for a US Senate seat from South Dakota, well illustrates the problem the GOP has.

The problem is simply this: as the GOP enters the rococo period of its demise, the political derangements going on in the party, involving all kinds of bizarre mashups* of beliefs and biases and bigotries, are accelerating the pace of acceptance by the nation's voters of the view that the Republican Party is overflowing with demented, hateful, idiots, who are dangerously unelectable.
*—A popular one in the GOP is to, on the one hand, affirm deeply, offensively stupid, Christian values (as those might be practiced by King Herod the Great, or Jethro Bodine), while on the other hand affirming loyalty to the grande dame of the philosophy of selfishness, Ayn Rand—an atheist woman who despised Christianity.

The Bosworth blunder is useful to consider, because in focus it amplifies a basic theme of the GOP diminution: a twisted inversion of values that associates all goodness with characteristics ascribed to the rich and powerful, and all negative and contemptible values with the poor and powerless.

One exception to the rich and powerful as good meme concerns the power of government, especially the federal government, especially when that government is in the hands of Democrats. The Republican view of a Democratic-controlled government, is that it will abuse its enormous power to take from the rich and redistribute that taking to the poor—who will then be forever grateful and supportive of Democratic candidates.

In alignment with that critique, Bosworth posted what is described as a "viral image" to her Facebook page for her US Senate campaign. The message on the image, entitled "Today's Lesson In Irony", has been discussed in many places, but simply, it argues that a helpful comparison can be made between how the US government views and dispenses aid to poor Americans through SNAP or food stamps, and how the government warns citizens against providing food to wild animals in the nation's parks.

After suggesting that the government's food policy for the poor is inconsistent with the policy for park animals, because, as the viral image tells us, the Interior Department warns, in telling us "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS":
"The animals will grow dependent on the handouts, and then they will never learn to take care of themselves."
—the viral image then says: "This Concludes Today's Lesson. Any Questions?"

That would have been a good thing for Dr. Bosworth to have had—you know, some questions—like what impact will posting that stupid POS hate speech have on her Senate campaign?

On the good side, she's getting enormous national attention today as a consequence. On the bad side, the sort of enormous attention she is getting cannot be bought, it is true, but nor can it be shaken out of the heads of voters, ever again. Insisting, as the viral message does, that 46 million American citizens, including millions of poor children, are no different than wild animals in their bestial dependency on their masters, the federal government, is quite a memorable thing to affirm.

It is a clarifying statement on the visceral hatred Dr. Bosworth feels for a huge portion of the American population.

And it is not, in any way, a misleading expression of her views on poverty in the USA. Here is her campaign website's explanation of her views on poor people and welfare:
"Annette believes a sickness has invaded America. This sickness has replaced hard work and commitment with a me-first, do what feels good welfare society.”
Yes, it is disgusting how poor people are refusing to work hard—for minimum wage poverty—except of course most poor people do work hard for that. And it is really disgusting that they expect enormously wealthy people and corporations to spend a penny to help them do a little better than dreadful in this massively unjust economic system.

Poor rich people. Who will look after their interests?

Oh, most definitely, Dr. Annette Bosworth is the woman for that job.

But maybe she isn't the woman America needs in the United States Senate.

UPDATE, June 4, 2014: As you can read here, Dr. Annette Bosworth has been "charged with election felonies", following an investigation into the manner in which she collected signatures on nominating petitions, required to place her on the ballot to run in the Republican primary for the United States Senate in South Dakota. The charges state Bosworth collected invalid and forged signatures. Yep, some kind of sickness has invaded America alright.