Torture Regime Was Attack Against Americans—Perpetrated By Bush Gang Criminals

This is a clarified quotation, which, while Michael Hayden (former head of NSA and CIA) did not exactly ever say that (in public), is a fair summary of Hayden's publicly stated positions. These include one of the most startling, disturbing, and disgusting displays of arrogance and pure hatred for the Constitutional rights of American citizens, ever expressed by an official of the United States government. I will get to that in a future article, but let us say for now that Michael Hayden is the finest exemplar of what is absolutely disastrous about the amount of power and contempt for the American people concentrated in the intelligence (and torture and murder) services of the USA.
Every activity we engage in is aimed at ensuring the safety, security, and liberty of our fellow citizens.—NSA Core Values brochure.

As we learn more about the brutal, idiotic, and utterly anti-American behavior of deep-secret US government agencies charged, ironically, with protecting America from threats, it is good to consider the 1984-level of mind-twisting, being engaged in by the US government, as it tries to explain how it is those same government agencies are not the biggest threat of all to American citizens.

And yet, to mention 1984 (actually Nineteen Eighty-Four), to an increasingly non-literate audience, who hasn't even seen the movie, is a kind of filter announcing that one is going to talk more allusively (or deeply) about the topic of civil liberties abuses in the USA, than the people who need to listen can be bothered with.

To the rest of you:

Republicans, who generally have fallen all over themselves to embrace fascism in various forms (hyper-nationalism, hyper-militarism, hyper-racism, flag as a cult of worship), have lately been, because of the politics of our current situation, in the forefront of criticizing Barack Obama's stewardship of the heinous spy-thug state apparatus.

Of course, it is only some Republicans, such as Representative Justin Amash (R-MI), and US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), joining with some Democrats, such as Representative John Conyers (D-MI) and US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), who have stood up to at least suggest there are still people in Congress who think civil liberties should not be a joke. Many others in Congress have formed a block, chiefly represented by allegedly "centrist" figures, such as the soon-to-be-exiting Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Representative Peter King (R-NY), who are solidly opposed to any criticism or reform of the nation's spy-thug regime. 

On the side of the spy-thugs, pro-NSA pundits and politicians, with roots in an ideological enterprise Gore Vidal called "the national security state", constantly preach to the people that the billions of dollars invested every year, to make the US intelligence (and torture) services the best in the world, is paying off with greater security at the minimum cost to liberty. In fact, in general, the whole creepy display of honor and respect poured out to the intelligence service's monsters, is a way of laughing about the sheeple's continuing toleration of any prick and its payload shoved up the collective butthole of the American people (and yes, I know, many of you prefer that method of punctuation).

Whitebread Fascist Drivel A-Team, the scarily stupid Joe and Mika. Naturally, the Mansplainer Joe Scarborough (amazingly, the brains of the outfit) is contemplating a run for public office—possibly even President of the USA. Scarborough winning that office, would be a fitting outcome of the now utterly discredited American experiment in democracy.
If you watch the whitebread-fascist drivel peddled on the networks (Fox News and MSNBC are EOO—equal opportunity offenders), they constantly trot out creeps like Michael Hayden (NSA chief during 2001-2005, CIA chief from 2006-2009) to argue about how the Fourth Amendment and the Geneva Convention and rights in general were cute ideas back in the day, but are no longer relevant in the modern, maniac world. Hayden is like a one-man Ministry of Truth, constantly telling Americans the most outrageous lies in order to make torture, kidnapping, and universal spying on everybody for everything, seem like reasonable points of argument and policy—worth defending!

One of the worst examples of the total contempt for American ideals of liberty and civil rights displayed by the cynical simpleton, George W. Bush, was when Bush awarded CIA head, George Tenet, the nation's highest civilian recognition, the Medal of Freedom, WHILE Tenet was torturing people and running the CIA paramilitary murder operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Critics noted it seemed the bar for entry to getting the honor had been lowered in Tenet's case. Yeah, actually the bar was tossed in the dirt, and Tenet took a giant dump on it.

This comfy cynicism is so easily perp'd because the war pigs, who control the USA, want the American people to believe that a regular (normal) regime of vast disrespect for and violation of constitutional liberty is making them freer—or if not that, then much safer—instead of what is really happening: that the spy-thug regime is processing Americans into fearful, ovine proles.

If you look at the track record of the NSA/CIA, examining their ability (or willingness) to actually accomplish the thing they're supposed to do, and which they always claim to be doing so fantastically well, protecting America from bad guys, it is good to focus on their greatest accomplishment: 9/11.

Accomplishment? Yeah. And no, I'm not one of those conspiracy nuts, who think Bush was in on it. He didn't have to be. The world is full of compliant nuts. A willing purveyor of terror is not hard to find. And so, Osama bin Laden slithered forth to fulfill a mission of multipurpose utility for all sides.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

President of the United States: George W. Bush (still at large)
Director of Central Intelligence: George J. Tenet (still at large)
Director of National Security Agency: Michael V. Hayden (still at large)

Event: Highly successful attack on the United States mainland, carried out by a handful of Qaeda operatives, armed with primitive weapons. The plan was simple, brutally effective, and highly predictable—indeed, it had been predicted for a very long time, and was suggested in part to George W. Bush, a few weeks before the attack. Bush was busy with his month-long vacation—down in Texas during the worst part of the Texas heat (right there people should have gathered that Dubya was nuts).

Effect: In addition to the thousands of people killed on 9/11, the attacks so shocked the USA, that it went into a kind of stupor for years, where a majority of Americans embraced the previously disliked and distrusted, fake president, George W. Bush, and cheered for every stupid, horrific, policy that ghastly nincompoop could dredge up in his neocon meetings of similarly deranged minds. The soul and spirit of America, at least that which had been retained by people still naive enough to believe that the Bill of Rights mattered, were ground up and fed to the war pigs. A shroud of palpable cynicism, hatred, and deep division (all basically rooted in desperate fear of everything and everybody—especially dark-skinned and foreign), fell upon the USA like Cobalt-Thorium G. On the good side, for the war pigs, the American people were stripped of all their faith in some American exceptionalism regarding their immunity from being attacked. Also, Americans were filled to the brim with hatred. More than anything, after 9/11, Americans wanted to see the enemy (which turned out to be whomever Bush and later, Obama, would tell them was the enemy) captured, tortured, slaughtered, their families and their cities and whole nations—destroyed, and remade as American tools. And Bush had just the people to perpetrate such madness, at the CIA and the NSA and the nation's soon to be physically and morally ground-down military forces.

Now, with an effect like that, somebody might have suggested that—you know—the people who were in charge (for the USA, not Qaeda) at the moment of the event, might maybe lose a job or two. After all, Tenet's and Hayden's agencies, whose supposed mission was to stop things like 9/11 from happening, had failed to see the Qaeda guys coming. Or anyway, mostly they did. Later, Tenet would rightly point out, after it had been leaked, that his agency did present to George W. Bush, a report warning of Osama bin Laden's desire to hijack airplanes in some kind of terrorist attack. The report was entitled: "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US".

The question we now face, and have always faced since 9/11, is what that warning generated in the minds of the war pigs, and particularly in the head of their silly little puppet, George W. Bush.

Was Bush's reaction: "OH NO! Find the terrorists! Stop the strike!" Nope.

Was Bush's reaction more like: "Well, that could be useful."

It is alleged by some historians that Franklin Roosevelt had concluded pretty much the same thing as that, when told of potential threats to Pearl Harbor from the Imperial Japanese Navy, shortly before December 7, 1941. Roosevelt, unlike Bush, was supposedly hoping, by not trying too hard to stop the Japanese, to encourage a quicker, deeper, commitment for a war, that the Democratic president believed the USA would have to fight to save the world (for US capitalism).

Bush, on the other hand, seems to have had only one idea in mind, from the time he got into office—get revenge against Saddam Hussein. And so driven was Bush to get Hussein, the suggestion is, that somewhere in the back of his mind—or maybe right out front—he decided to just not care too much if Osama should strike the US. That is not the same thing as saying Bush actively encouraged or assisted the plot. Nobody, including Osama bin Laden, imagined the 9/11 attack would succeed so horribly well. But if you think about it—this hypothesis of how things might have gone, does nicely explain why the severe, bizarre, left turn into Iraq from Afghanistan occurred.

9/11 was a means to a number of ends—not a provocation, but a liberation for the nation's anti-liberty forces (who no doubt worship at the dual altars of global US-enforced stability and business).

There is no way to begin healing the deep damage done to the USA, until Americans demand that the perpetrators of this additional attack on America, the real attack on America's freedom, be held accountable for their crimes.

Since both dominant political parties have had players and presidents involved in committing these crimes, that is just one reason there has been no stomach for investigating, and prosecuting, the criminals.

For example, one of the very first decisions Barack Obama made after becoming President, was determining that disclosing the evidence of torture by the Bush regime's intelligence officers was not in the security interest of the USA. As the New York Times, and many other news outlets, pointed out back in February of 2009, Obama had not waited very long to betray the Americans who had voted for him, expecting him to be different than George W. Bush:
"Voters have good reason to feel betrayed if they took Mr. Obama seriously on the campaign trail when he criticized the Bush administration’s tactic of stretching the state-secrets privilege to get lawsuits tossed out of court...the Obama administration should not be invoking state secrets to cover up charges of rendition and torture."
But the Obama administration would end up doing a great deal more than that, including amping up the killer drone operations run by the CIA—which have killed many innocent people, including children. In addition to assassinating Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama has assassinated American citizens—without any judicial process whatsoever—as if Obama were a dictator. AND of course Obama fully embraced the Bush-era, anti-Constitutional, NSA spy regime, absolutely making a mockery of Obama's campaign promises to stop these illegal practices.

As I have been saying for a long time now, all the bad behavior of government officials and their terrible, terroristic, operatives, cannot be solely blamed on the criminals running the operations. The American people continue to elect politicians who continue these criminal programs.

Unless and until Americans voters hold their politicians accountable for the disasters those politicians perpetrate on the people, things will only get worse—much worse.