DNA Science Proves Poverty Is Slow-Motion Mass Murder—Perpetrated By The Rich

DNA is politics! It is hardly surprising, given how fundamentally important DNA is in shaping our lives, and establishing our chances, that the stress of poverty attacks the DNA of poor children, demonstrating scientifically how bad economic conditions doom poorer kids to bad health, worse educational performance, and shorter lives. This is slow-motion mass murder of millions, perpetrated by rich people against the most vulnerable human beings. Only basic political and economic revolutions (in our thinking and our systems of distribution of power and wealth) can stop the carnage of these terrible crimes against humanity.
Yep, the wealthy, the winners, the capitalist elites—mass murderers all.

You think that sounds like an exaggeration?

Read this, and then tell me how an attack on the most fundamental biological component of millions of poor children—just because they are poor—does not constitute mass murder. A new study shows that children from poorer families suffer genetic damage, caused by the stress of being poor.

How can that be true?

First, a scientific definition. Don’t nod off. Yes, science, that thing invented by Satan to attack the notion that God’s will—for the rich to deservedly lord it over everyone else—is anything other than a fairy tale.

TELOMERE—According to Wikipedia: “A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromatid, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes.”

Cool, but what does that mean? Think of the telomere as a buffer, like a rubber end on your DNA strands, that protects them from damage. Shorten or erode the telomeres, and the DNA strands are left vulnerable. To what exactly?

Well, “decrepit” telomeres of the type studied are associated with all kinds of negative health effects, like depression, bipolarism, cancer, and even advanced aging.

In other words, children with decreased telomeres, are exposed to mental disorders and physical deterioration, that can produce serious health problems, and explains issues like a decreased ability to control behavior, a component in the lack of success generally in school, compared to children from wealthier homes.

We have known for—thousands of years—that being a child of poverty is debilitating to one’s prospects for success, as well as health and longevity, but now we are discovering that the deadly attack on the most vulnerable humans, begins very early for poor children at the level of their DNA, and this damage helps to shape the terribly negative outcomes experienced by poor people.

As always, there is no excuse for this in a vastly wealthy society. However, there is an explanation: the continued hatred displayed by American politicians, especially Republicans, towards poorer Americans, is an intentional policy on the part of rich masters, a policy whose intended outcome is not merely to hobble the upward mobility of poor people in America, but far worse—to economically assault and destroy millions of American children.

Inequality is not just a matter of unfairly distributing wealth. It is a matter of life and death and vast crimes against humanity.