"Russia Is Going To Lose" Threatens Kerry, As War-Posturing Increases

Be sure to read the English translation of Kerry's Obama-brand diplospeak. Anybody paying any attention to Putin, to Russia, and particularly to the Syria preview of this power play on Putin's part, would have been expecting this. And they would expect, and completely discount, the meaningless bluster of America's Secretary of State, who had to admit this morning that he has been outplayed by Russia at every step, including in Syria.
And what a nice year to do all this in, being the centenary of the madness of 1914!

Talking tough, demanding that “Russia is going to lose”, Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday threatened all kinds of things, short of military confrontation, to punish Russia for what Kerry described as Russia’s “act of aggression” against Ukraine.

Kerry, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press program, said discussions were going on to determine what course of action the United States and the West would take in response to Russia’s invasion and effective annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Kerry said:
“Russia has major investment and trade needs and desires. I think there is unified view by all of the foreign ministers that I talked with yesterday, all of the G8 and more, that they’re simply going to isolate Russia, that they’re not going to engage with Russia in a normal business as usual manner, that Russia is inviting opprobrium on the international stage. There could ultimately be asset freezes, VISA bans, there could be certainly disruption of any of the normal trade routine, there could be business drawback on any investment in the country.”
Whether any sanction short of some kind of military response, for example moving NATO troops into Ukraine to defend it from any further Russian military actions, would influence Putin to pull out of Crimea or cease whatever scheme he is currently perpetrating, remained dubious.

Certainly, Putin was well aware of the “costs” as President Obama put it Friday, of Russia invading Ukraine, and Putin did it anyway.

Asked by MTP host David Gregory if there was a military option for the USA in this crisis, Kerry said:
“NATO is meeting today, the North Atlantic Council is meeting probably even as we speak, now they will be…I know that Secretary General of NATO, Rasmussen, issued a statement, a very strong statement, against what has happened. But I don’t know what is actually on the table with respect to the steps they may or may not take.”
Seriously? The Secretary of State of the United States has no clue whether NATO might be planning to militarily intervene in Ukraine? What the hell is Kerry doing then? Watching it all on MSNBC?

Kerry, when directly challenged again on whether there would be a military option for the US in the crisis, said the following:
“In the absence of President Putin making the right decision to work with the government of Ukraine [which Putin has denounced as a bunch of fascists], to work with the West [which denounces Putin as a Cold-War style thug], to work with all of us, as I said a moment ago, this is not about Russia and the United States, it’s about the people of Ukraine, and we ask President Putin to step back from being in violation of the UN Charter, in violation of the Helsinki Final Act, in violation of the 1997 Russia-Ukraine basing agreement—they are in direct, overt violation of international law—“
Kerry continued to say pretty much nothing about the military option.

Another statement of Kerry’s, meant as an explanation for why the US and the West would respond with sanctions against Putin and Russia, but which comment once again revealed the enormous damage done to the United States by George W. Bush’s disastrous regime, was the following:
“You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests.”
Naturally, Putin’s response to that would be:
“Well, the USA did exactly that when it invaded Iraq, and the USA expected the world to respect its actions and its right to go to war to assert its interests anyway.”
And what would Kerry or Obama be able to say in response to that, which would not sound like total hypocrisy?