Obamberlain Declares Russia “An Extraordinary Threat” To US National Security

One of the dumber ways in which Barry Obamberlain has allowed himself to be totally played by Vladimir Putin, is how Obamberlain rejected the idea of any legitimate move by Crimea to achieve self-determination. Nobody for a moment suggested there wasn't a strong secessionist fervor in Crimea, but Obamberlain believed democracy (the secession vote yesterday) enabling self-determination for Crimea, was "destabilizing" to Ukraine, and so the Crimean separatist leader, Vladimir Konstantinov, pictured above, found himself today on Obamberlain's hate list for sanctions. And yes, of course, real democracy in Putin's Russia is like real democracy—oh, in the USA—what actual difference does it make?
Amping up the war-rhetoric (even more), which yesterday, on the Russian side, included some nut reminding the world that Russia can reduce the United States to “radioactive ash”, US President Barry Obamberlain today declared the Russian Federation “an extraordinary threat” to US national security:

“I find that the actions and policies of the Government of the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine—including the recent deployment of Russian Federation military forces in the Crimea region of Ukraine—undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and contribute to the misappropriation of its assets, and thereby constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

So, does that mean the US is going to war against Russia?

Nah. The US is going to act like Russia’s daddy, and attempt to financially isolate Russia’s leaders, in an effort to make them behave.

Specifically, Obamberlain declared the US government has issued a series of sanctions, including individual sanctions on all officials of the Russian government. In fact, the wording of the individual sanctions order would appear to include any Western interests that “have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for” any “senior official of the Government of the Russian Federation”.

Does this mean Obamberlain is going to get tough on European bankers money laundering Russia’s pirate economy? Of course not.

In another piss-list, or “FACT SHEET”, Obamberlain includes the names of people now considered perpetrators of the extraordinary threat, and explains in some detail why the US government considers them so. The list includes Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian Ukranian president overthrown in February’s coup by Ukrainian nationalists.

The reason Yanukovych is held by Obamaberlain to be extra bad is that the tossed-out leader fled to Russia and then begged Vladimir Putin, the head meanie of Russia, to invade Ukraine with Russian troops, something Putin has done, and seems ready to continue doing.

Also included in Obamberlain’s hate list is Vladimir Konstantinov, Crimean parliament leader, whose crime against humanity is pushing to have his region, Crimea, secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. Basically, Konstantinov is guilty of demanding just a little too much democracy and destiny for his people, to make Obamberlain happy. Why Konstantinov should wish to make Obamberlain happy is not evident.

Obamberlain additionally threatens “to hold accountable individuals who use their resources or influence to support or act on behalf of senior Russian government officials.” This broad statement sounds as if it is directed at pretty much everyone who has ever done anything for Russian senior management—presumably including the bell hops at the hotels the Ruskies stay at.

President Barry however includes this disclaimer:
“We recognize that the Russian leadership derives significant support from, and takes action through, individuals who do not themselves serve in any official capacity.  Our current focus is to identify these individuals and target their personal assets, but not companies that they may manage on behalf of the Russian state.”
Again, exactly who or what does this mean? It sounds as if the Obamberlain’s list of the financially proscribed can only grow, especially since Putin has made it pretty clear that economic sanctions will only incite him to shoot right back at the USA, in unspecified ways.