Barry Obamberlain Clutches Sanctions Teddybear While Putin Putches Ukraine

The opponents, guided and inspired by their historical counterparts. One must say, that from the Russian point of view, and for that matter, from the point of view of no small number of Americans as well, we may have the correspondence backwards, or at least it is possible that Barry Obamberlain is some bizarre combination of both Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler. And it is not that Putin, despite the assertions of Gary Kasparov, has moved into the Hitler-Stalin league of thugs. But a leader looking to solidify his power and control of a state, and to do this by appealing to a revanchist desire in his people to recapture lost territory and glory, could learn a lot by looking at how Hitler pushed Euro-sheeple around for many years, before finally biting off more than he could chew (i.e., Russia).
Seriously, it’s come to this?: the Russians are coming! the Russians are coming! across the Crimean border into Ukraine proper, and all Barry Obamberlain* can do is threaten to take away Vladdy’s personal bank cards?
*—This is my new mashup name for BHO, combining Obama’s name with that of courageous Neville Chamberlain, who sold out Czechoslovakia in 1938 at Munich, just to be able to blather like a fool about obtaining, from fucking Adolph Hitler, “peace with honor”! Less than a year later, that bogus peace had collapsed into World War II. Barack Obama is absolutely the LAST person I can think of who is a good choice to lead a nation at a time of international geopolitical brinksmanship. OK, not REALLY the last. Yes, Sarah Palin would be worse—BUT at least she correctly guessed the Russians might be a threat to Ukraine. Dumbass Obama, along with his halfwit MSM, laughed at the poor little wolfkiller.

Christ!—that is some stupid, capitalist, sanction you got going there, Barry. Meanwhile, over at Pirate-Mart, the Russians have enough stolen bank card data to replace a nation full of canceled or frozen bank accounts. Russian banking pirates could probably bring down the entire economic system of the world, again, with a push of a button.

And, if you add up all the nations who hate the USA, and the West, and would be happy to add their hacker corps to the attack teams, does anyone really think economic sanctions—especially personal ones—are going to do anything other than incite Putin to go to all-out cyberwar?

Now, you might say, hey but the NSA does cyberwar better than anyone!

Yeah, well, you might not really want to go to cyberwar with the nation keeping as its “guest”, one Edward Snowden, who regardless of what his original intentions may have been, now finds himself residing in what is fast becoming an open enemy nation of the USA. Snowden does not even have to be a willing player in aiding and abetting the enemy. He just has to keep being a convenient propaganda tool of the Russians, who can point to Snowden and his revelations as evidence the USA is the true, globally-threatening, thug state, while Russia is just trying to bring a little democracy to Crimea.

On that point, the MSM, like the New York Times, are stressing how brilliant was the American play at the United Nations yesterday, where Russia was forced to veto a Security Council proclamation that denounced the secession vote in Crimea today. The Times tells us even China was intimidated, by the careful language of the American proposal, to abstain in the vote, leaving Russia all alone:
“Western diplomats had hoped that China would not side with Russia, which would push Moscow into an uncomfortable corner. The measure was worded carefully to persuade China to abstain — 'a deliberately reasonable text,; as the British ambassador, Mark Lyall Grant, put it — and it succeeded in doing so, but only after placing Beijing in the tightest corner of all."
But who is really being brilliant here?

For one thing, as the Times asked, isn't isolating Russia going to screw the whole Russia cooperation thing on Syria?

But, don't worry your little pointed heads about that, says Barry's UN Rep:
"Asked whether isolating Russia on the Security Council would complicate efforts to gain Russian cooperation over the conflict in Syria, the American ambassador, Samantha Power, said Washington and Moscow had been deeply divided on Syria even before the Ukrainian crisis emerged."
Oh—OK—so that whole Barry worked it out with Putin on Syria thing is like—ancient history. So, does that mean Assad still has some WMD to employ? What do you think?
And—the Russians can claim, and they have plenty of Russian nationalist ears ready to listen, that Putin is being condemned by the USA and its Western pals, for Russia's trying to spread a little democracy, a little self-determination, in Crimea. What hypocrites those Americans are. After all, isn’t that exactly what Texans want to do in the USA? Well, Rick?

And so, according to a reasonable Russian spin, this UN vote suggests that even when Russia tries to play by the American imperialism rulebook (which says it’s OK to invade places to impose democracy on them), the USA sanctimoniously denounces anybody else who does that.

Of course, in Crimea, the Russians can convincingly argue, they have a Russian majority population that has been fighting, politically, for 20 years now to be reintegrated into Russia. Only Ukraine’s repressive regime, Putin can point out, combined with Russian weakness of will, kept Crimea from going back to Russia two decades ago.

These are not points Barry Obamberlain can easily contradict, and one wonders if he even understands more than the usual Bush-league-American amount of history about the new (old) geography in the world that is threatening, by the hour, to bring us, as some have pointed out, way back beyond the Cold War, to that dreadful diplomatic learning experience of 1914 itself.

In that view, the world should be disturbed to learn that, among the many volunteers the Russians have called on to give an international flavor to its Crimean rescue efforts, is a contingent from Serbia.

UPDATE: Crimea votes 93% in favor of leaving Ukraine. This is of course based on Russian state media exit polling, which is about as reliable as anything the Republican National Committee says about Democrats. Still, it is likely most Crimeans want out of Ukraine.