Wendy Davis Accuses Texas AG Abbott Of Partnering Up With A Pedophile

Wendy Davis scores bigtime with new ad that totally drenches Gregg Abbott in the extreme creepiness of the Ted Nugent brand of sleaze. What, Texas voters may reasonably ask themselves, is the limit of Gregg Abbott's attraction to Nugent? Is it just a common lust for guns and slaughtered wildlife? Or does Abbott share Nugent's view of women and young girls as "game" to be hunted?
Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas, State Senator Wendy Davis, has unleashed a brutal, direct assault against the integrity of Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, accusing him of partnering up with a sexual predator and pedophile—Ted Nugent.

The ad, featuring a young woman named Nicole Anderson (from Fort Worth), who we are told is a survivor of a 2011 rape, and who tells us:
"I’m speaking out, because it really bothered me for Greg Abbott to partner with Ted Nugent, knowing his history of being a predator. I was at home, I heard about it on the news, and it made me feel like it minimized the fact that Ted Nugent is a predator. I think that it sends the wrong message, that [Abbott] partnered up with this man, that is very vocal about liking underage girls. There’s something wrong with that. It’s not OK."
The ad's message focuses once again on a critical distinction between Davis, a fierce defender of women's rights, and Abbott, a fierce defender of an Anglocentric, patriarchal Texas mythos that is rapidly waning in its power.

One of the chief problems of the mythos, that it is essentially misogynistic, is illustrated both by the determined effort of the white-male-dominated Texas Republican-dominated legislature to push back women's abortion rights, and, with respect to Abbott's campaign, by Ted Nugent.

While Nugent brings a lot of Tea-Party-friendly appeal to Abbott's campaign, including a brash and some would say unhinged defense of the Second Amendment, the problematic nature of much of Nugent's track record, as a confessed young-girl-addicted rock star, are proving to be more of a curse than a benefit to the GOP candidate.

As this Huffpo article clearly explains, the evidence against Ted Nugent, on the accusation he is not merely creepy, but celebratory of his sexual exploits (real and imagined) with children, is plentiful.

This evidence includes:

• Writing explicit lyrics in a number of songs which seem to be fond memories of Nugent’s sex acts with young, barely pubescent, girls. One of those songs, "Jail Bait", includes these lyrics:
Well I don't care if you're just thirteen
. You look too good to be true...Its all right baby
, Its quite all right, I asked your mama
, Wait a minute officer
, Don't put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her and I'll share her with you.
In another song called "Girlscout Cookies", Nugent sings:
I like to eat my girl scout cookies, I like to eat them all night long, I like a plate at night when I'm in my bed, Never let them girl scouts, never let them go to your head...I like my girls scouts east north west and south...I like to eat my girl scout cookies, I like to eat them all night long.
• Arranging a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old, by becoming her legal guardian! (note that this is an all-too-common tactic of sexual predators of young people). Spin magazine back in 2000 placed this at (only) #63 on their list of "100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock."
• Being accused of criminal sexual assault of a child by Courtney Love, this regarding an alleged act of oral sex Love claims she performed on Nugent when Love was 12 years old—Nugent would have been 28. Reportedly, Nugent has said he doesn’t recall if this actually happened—as Huffpo notes, this is not a denial of the possibility of it happening because, for example, The Nuge doesn't have sex with kids. Nope, apparently The Nuge just might have had sex with 12-year-old girls—but he doesn’t recall if that included young Courtney Love.
• The Koresh connection—In addition, there is another, much more disturbing angle on the influential impact of Ted Nugent's message about young girls. Just a few miles from where Ted Nugent decided to settle in Texas, once stood the heavily armed compound of David Koresh’s Branch Davidians. Koresh, an "accomplished guitarist", pointed to one main guy as his rock-n-roll (and apparently young girl) inspiration: Ted Nugent. Koresh was accused of having had numerous sexual encounters and relationships with girls about the age (and some younger than) the young girls Nugent worships in his songs. David Thibodeau, one of the survivors of the destruction of the Branch Davidian compound in 1993, later explained what he viewed as the root of Koresh's, and many Texan males', attraction to young girls:
"I must confess that David's relationships with young girls bothered me a lot, for several reasons. Firstly, I had a hard time believing that a girl of twelve or thirteen could really know what she was doing in agreeing to have sex with a man twice her age...Surely, it must be a scary and painful experience...Perhaps this predilection for virgins was a consequence of David's Texas upbringing. Girls ripen young there, and there seems to be a hokey and, to me, repellent cowboy obsession with ravished innocence."
Nugent has talked a lot about his move to Texas, and a particularly crazy part of Texas (called Waco), being about his going to a place where he could feel at home, where the values of the place, as Nugent perceived them, were the same as his own.

One thing that comes to mind, in view of Thibodeau's suggestion that a "Texas unbringing" might have had something to do with Koresh's obsession with young girls (Nugent has called his own obsession an "addiction"), is a line from "Jail Bait": "I just know that you're probably clean." So says Nugent, noting why a 13-year-old is a good choice for a sex partner. Of course, thinking in those terms is what a man does when he's thinking of female sex partners as whores, the young ones obviously being more likely to be "clean" or a virgin. One problem (among many) with seeing things that way, as Thibodeau notes, if that you'll be ravishing innocence—or in mundane terms—raping children.

Somehow, in Nugent's and his follower, Koresh's, view of things, that wasn't a crime, it was an opportunity.

It is one thing for a notoriously rabid rock star to be less than angelic. But it is quite another for the Attorney General of Texas, who is supposed to be protecting Texas children, to instead passionately embrace Ted Nugent and his dangerous sexual values.

Earlier this week, it was reported that contributions to Davis' campaign spiked when she focused on the problematic nature of Abbott's active employment of Nugent in the Attorney General's gubernatorial campaign.

In response to recent polling data that shows Abbott still leading, and in a way that is reminiscent of Bill White's losing performance in 2010 as the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, it is evident that Wendy Davis is taking off the gloves and going to war against Greg Abbott.

This is what Davis needs to do to win. It is also what Texas needs Davis to do as well.

If Texas women, Texas minorities, the poor people of Texas, i.e., the MAJORITY of Texans, are to have any chance at all progressing against the old Texas mythos, and its wealthy Republican perpetrators, the campaign of Wendy Davis must be successful and the campaign of Greg Abbott needs to be not merely defeated, but crushed!