The Worst Human Beings In The USA: Republican Governors

These governors, along with 19 others, knew what it took to be the worst scumbags in America, and they did what it took to win that title, by intentionally denying insurance coverage to millions of the poorest people in in the USA. They are monsters and need to all go straight to fucking jail.
As you may know, the idiotic political system in the USA allows considerable latitude to the states and to governors to "implement" federal programs. Sometimes, that means no implementation takes place at all.

One example of this was how the federally mandated expansion of Medicaid, part of the generally stupid and awful Obamacare law, was made an optional change in the Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. While much of Obamacare is horrible, expanding Medicaid was not one of those things.

But, because the Obamacare federal subsidies were only offered to people making a certain amount of money above the poverty level—this because in the original legislation the Medicaid expansion was supposed to take care of poorer families—and because Republican governors and legislatures, given the option, chose not to expand Medicaid, a big gap in coverage developed in the final program.

This coverage gap, often overlooked as the President and his MSM pals praise any minor and dubious signup goal Obamacare achieves, impacts almost 5 million of the poorest Americans.

You need to get this straight, because it is hard to fathom.

What the gap means is that people making less than 138% of poverty, in other words desperately poor people, cannot get any subsidies to help them purchase the Obamacare marketplace insurance policies, and nor can these very poor people get Medicaid in those states which chose not to provide it.

And what states were those?

Oh, you know, Republican-run states, especially ones in the South, where the poorest people in America live, and where the governors of these states just don't give a damn about poor people.

In fact, denying insurance coverage to the poorest Americans is such a cynical and brutal form of political gamesplaying, intended to somehow hurt Barack Obama, that the governors who are perpetrating these policies are rightly seen to be committing crimes against humanity: "inhumane acts...intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury."

I have illustrated the top six of these perps above, but here are their full names, their states, an their total numbers of poor Americans being intentionally denied Medicaid insurance by the evil Republicans:

  1. Rick Perry, Texas—Over 1 million poor people denied Medicaid coverage.
  2. Rick Scott, Florida—More than 3/4 of a million poor people denied Medicaid coverage.
  3. Nathan Deal, Georgia—More than 400,000 poor people denied Medicaid coverage.
  4. Pat McCrory, North Carolina—More than 300,000 poor people denied Medicaid coverage.
  5. Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania—281,000 poor people denied Medicaid coverage.
  6. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana—242,000 poor people denied Medicaid coverage.