What Melissa Harris-Perry Should Have Told Her Audience About Kieran Romney

Melissa Harris-Perry is supposed to be some kind of academic professional. Instead, she seems a lot more like a circus clown. And that's the kindest thing I can think of to call her. That said, there's more to the story of Mitt's black grandchild than the right-wing nut version, where MHP is just one more liberal racist. Actually, if MHP were not such a ninny, she might have spun the Romney family photo into something interesting, but she was going for cheap laughs with a panel of 3rd-rate humorists, and things crashed and burned deservedly.

“The lie was in the way I said it, not at all in what I said. It’s my own fault that you can’t believe me now.”—Brigid O'Shaughnessy

My intention was not malicious, but I broke the ground rule, that families are off limits, and for that I am sorry [blubber].—Melissa Harris-Perry

Question: which one wins the Maltese Falcon?

OK, so now it’s about the subtext of the subtext—in other words, whether or not Melissa Harris-Perry’s blubberworks apology to Mitt Romney on the weekend was sincere, or just some silly broad’s desperate attempt to employ the standard girl-wank to save her ass on MSNBC.

That is what world-class charmer (and recently fired guy at MSNBC), Alec Baldwin, is claiming, mocking Perry’s tears, and asking if he might be forgiven too if he just started crying. Baldwin deleted his original tweet, but later added one concerning his taxes, which made the same point:

Naturally, the libtard crews have attacked Baldwin for being sexist, and just generally hateful towards the poor crying college professor, reduced as she was to having to apologize to Mitt Romney! Well, yes, that must have been hard on MHP, given that, according to what she now claims, the whole affair started with MHP just wanting to celebrate diversity in the Romney family:
“Given my own family history, I identified with that picture, and I intended to say positive and celebratory things about it.”
Seriously, as soon as MHP claimed that, I started laughing, and all during her stupid blubbery apology, that ALL of us have seen from women trying to cry their way out of a jam, I knew—once again in MHP's case—I was watching a damned liar.

The thing is, MHP’s story just doesn’t make any sense.

Here are MHP's introductory remarks, for her December 29, 2013 show, the one containing the infamous photo-captioning segment:
“This is the show where we dispense with the serious and sober coverage of politics, and instead look back at some of the political absurdity of 2013 with the ridicule and mockery it so rightly deserves.”
Again: “ridicule and mockery”.

And that adds up to “positive and celebratory things”?

The whole point of MHP’s show was to toss contempt and ridicule at the most mock-worthy targets she and her producers had handpicked and scripted for that purpose. Unlike what MHP now claims, shooting snidey-snark at Romney and his black grandbaby was the whole point! It had nothing whatsoever to do with celebrating anything, except what a clueless asshole Mitt Romney was—once again.

And let’s go further into that, because as MHP pointed out, a lot of people had gotten very emotional about the Romney grandkids photo.

But emotional about what exactly?

Well, for one thing, there was the name the grandkid has—“Kieran”.

A big part of the negative reaction to the Romney announcement about the new grandchild, was the fact that “Kieran” is the anglicization of the Gaelic word “CiarĂ¡n”, which means “blackie”.

Of all the Gaelic names the Romneys could come up with for the new black member of their blazing white clan, THAT’S the one they decided on. You think that was an accident?

And so, if MHP had mentioned that going into the segment, that the kid’s name meant “blackie”, it might have given a very different context to how that segment was processed, and it might have suggested why a bunch of white, privileged, little Romneys, posing with “Blackie” the black Romney, was kind of disturbing.

But, MHP didn’t do that. Instead, she just threw it out to her meatheaded crew to caption up. So far in the segment, MHP herself had been forced to captionize, because the witless panel couldn't think of any amusing captions to the pictures they were reviewing. Maybe the show should have shared the pictures with the panel first, but I suppose they were banking on some spontaneous wit making an appearance.

Instead of wisely remaining caption-challenged, Pia Glenn finally thought of something to offer regarding the Romney photo, singing:  “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong”. If Pia had sung that AFTER a proper introduction, pointing out the one that didn't belong was named "Blackie", maybe it wouldn't have sounded so much like MHP and her gang were beating up a poor baby.

But, instead, it just sounded like MHP was encouraging making fun of the Romneys for trying to be (ever so slightly) inclusive.

And we know how the blowback on that went, with plenty of (mainly right wing nut) people calling MHP a racist, and an idiot. And maybe she is both those things, but, as usual, there is more to the story than what appears on the surface.

Naturally, when MHP got some heat, and after several days of thinking about whether that heat meant she might get fired from her MSNBC gig, the inclusionist began apologizing, on Twitter at first, and then with her blubberfest on Saturday.

Now, the libs are showering praise on MHP for being sincerely contrite, which they apparently discerned she was by the fact she cried—just at the point she began talking about how people were just taking her and things wrong because she never meant to be mean. Except of course—that is a lie. Now, the worst thing that can come from this is that crying will be required at all future apologies to establish one's sincerity. Isn't that just what we all want—a world full of Melissa Harris-Perrys and John Boehners. Fuck that.

Meanwhile, poor Kieran is still stuck with his new, contemptuous (or dumb as hammers) white Mormon family (overseers, whatever), and his name.

And, for the moment, we’re still stuck with Melissa Harris-Perry, coward and liar and baby exploiter.