Boehner Says “FUCK YOU!” To Tea Party As GOP Votes For Obamacare

Tea Party Republicans may not be able to process this reality: the GOP just spent over $1 trillion!!—AND they voted FOR Obamacare. Now, what Tea Party? Are you going to go out and vote for THOSE guys in November? Really?
While the MSM are spinning the big House vote this afternoon to fund the government by pointing out the Republican leadership denied any increases in funding to Obamacare, the President’s signature health care program, the real news is quite different:

The Republican majority voted FOR Obamacare funding in the bill. The total vote for the bill was 359-67, with 166 Republicans voting for and 64 against.

Only the Tea Party minority, now being treated like a reviled pack of renegades by the GOP mainstream, voted against the omnibus $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill.

And that’s another thing.

Yes, the Republicans in the House voted FOR spending over $1 trillion!

So the GOP can shut up now about being against tax and spend. They may still not like taxing, but Republicans have no problem spending, which means—combined with their deadbeat attitude about paying bills—Republicans are also big fans of deficit spending and running up big national debts.

That is consistent of course with Republican tradition, because huge US deficit-spending and debt increases began with Ronald Reagan and generally spike upward with GOP control of the federal government.

After sinking in the polls, following the disastrous GOP shutdown of the government last October, the House Republican leadership decided that the Tea Party high tide had washed out, and it was time, as the New York Times says, for the leadership to “reasset control”:
“Speaker John A. Boehner has reasserted control over his fractious Republican conference, leaving his far-right flank angry and isolated. The speaker’s public and private denunciations of the outside conservative groups have created conditions in which members must choose sides, and they have.”
While Speaker John Boehner tonight tried to spin the giant spending bill as an example of the success Republicans have had in cutting out earmarks (or so-called porkbarrel spending), the problem is that, even with those cuts, and even with Obamacare held at a reduced funding level, the Republicans still voted FOR a $1 trillion spending bill.

And there is no way the Tea Party, or for that matter the Democratic Party, is going to forget that monumental GOP spending total, or the individual Republicans who affirmed it by voting for it.