Obama Golfs In Hawaii While USA's Big Problems Work 24-7

Yeah, I know the job is hard, blah, blah, blah. That's what George W. Bush always said, trying to justify taking off a month every year after another one of his stellar performances—like the decision to invade Iraq and the subsequent terrible consequences for thousands and thousands of Bush's victims. Too often, Obama has embraced the Dubya style of doing president, and that's just one of Obama's great deficiencies. "Better than Bush" IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
A lot of people say: hey, the President needs time off. So, it's his Christmas vacation—let him golf, in Hawaii!!—and that way, he'll come back ready to give us more of the same great service he's been delivering.

Yeah, they say that, and meanwhile, the USA's enormous problems are not taking a fucking vacation. Furthermore, if vacations and golfing did Barack Obama any good in doing his job, how do you explain this 2013 fiasco?

Let's just go over a few of the highlights, once again:

• In spite of the horrific Newtown slaughter last year, and with overwhelming support from the American people, Barack Obama couldn't get a modest gun background check enhancement passed through Congress earlier this year. The NRA, which the President decided not to eliminate through drones or a Seal team hit, kicked Obama's weak little butt.
• In spite of the overwhelming evidence that Edward Snowden performed one of the most important acts of pure patriotism since Daniel Ellsberg outted the disgusting warmongering liars of the Pentagon back during 'Nam, Barack Obama repeatedly patted Americans on their heads, ordering them to shut up, bitches, the spies are your friends. But, you know, the enormous lies Obama has told and embraced on numerous fronts, especially on the NSA crimes, have just destroyed his credibility, and any idea he was working for the American people.
• And THAT was before October 1, 2013, which was kind of like Katrina III for Obama's awful year. The only thing Barack Obama had to do to bury the GOP once and for all—especially after the idiot Republicans shut down the government—was make sure the Obamacare website and the Obamacare program were working. Not perfectly 100% working necessarily, but at least 85% even. But, as we know, the stupid website, the stupid program, the stupid massive pile of bullshit Obama had peddled about Obamacare for years, when it finally went publicly online, was the biggest government disaster since the electoral catastrophe of November-December, 2000.

With THAT kind of track record, where the fuck did Barack Obama get the idea he rated any Christmas vacation at all?

Because, the victims of his ineptitude are not getting a break from the pain Obama has inflicted.

Most especially, the millions of poor people Barack Obama continues to so badly serve, are not getting any break at all from their suffering this Christmas.

But you know who is doing really great?

Oh, Obama's and Clinton's and the centrist Dems' favorite assholes, down on Wall Street. Yep, the rich people of America are getting vastly richer every day, and have every reason in the world to LOVE Barack Obama, and to LOVE Obama's version of social and economic justice in America.

Don't just do your pajama boy thing this Christmas. Get fucking Ralphie radical on these useless, fuckhead politicians—especially the ones like Obama who you thought were going to be good people—and let them know that they need to get their stupid butts the fuck back to Washington, DC, and they need to start doing the nation's business. And tell them that business needs to be for ALL the people, and not just for the rich.

So—tell your pols to PASS THE FARM BILL with no cuts to SNAP! And PASS A JOBS BILL that includes a minimum wage hike to $15/hour and includes a big commitment to stimulus spending to help ALL Americans recover from this terrible Wall Street gamblers' economic recession.

Make 2014 about DEMANDING social and economic justice—especially from Democrats!