Full Text Of Edward Snowden Letter To The World

Edward Snowden's letter points out that the United States government is criminalizing speech, in violation of the First Amendment, by Obama's effort to capture and torture the former NSA contractor. The amendment most threatened by the US spy regime, the Fourth Amendment, is a Constitutional right (or rights) that the George W. Bush junta sought to severely limit after 9/11. Barack Obama took Bush's antipathy to constitutional liberty to a point where the NSA now seems to be beyond anyone's ability to understand its pervasive spying on everyone on the planet. Of course, that view of things is dependent upon a person's willingness to take the word of numerous supposed NSA oversight suppliers, including Obama, who claim they just did not know the NSA was doing so many bad things. Uh-huh.
The following is the full text of a letteralleged to have been written by Edward Snowden, the fugitive whistle-blower on the vast US spy regime, and particularly NSA abuses.

The letter was released yesterday by German legislator, Christian Ströbele, after his meeting with Snowden in Moscow earlier this week. It appears to be addressed to the German government, but contains a discussion of Snowden's ongoing struggle with the United States government.


To whom it may concern,

I have been invited to write to you regarding your investigation of mass surveillance.

I am Edward Joseph Snowden, formerly employed through contracts or direct hire as a technical expert for the United States National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency.

In the course of my service to these organizations, I believe I witnessed systemic violations of law by my government that created a moral duty to act. As a result of reporting these concerns, I have faced a severe and sustained campaign of persecution that forced me from my family and home. I am currently living in exile under a grant of temporary asylum in the Russian Federation in accordance with international law.

I am heartened by the response to my act of political expression, in both the United States and beyond. Citizens around the world as well as high officials—including in the United States—have judged the revelation of an unaccountable system of pervasive surveillance to be a public service. These spying revelations have resulted in the proposal of many new laws and policies to address formerly concealed abuses ot the public trust. The benefits to society of this growing knowledge are becoming increasingly clear at the same time claimed risks are being shown to have been mitigated.

Though the outcome of my efforts has been demonstrably positive, my government continues to treat dissent as defection, and seeks to criminalize political speech with felony charges that provide no defense. However, speaking the truth is not a crime. I am confident that with the support of the international community, the government of the United States will abandon this harmful behavior. I hope that when the difficulties of this humanitarian situation have been resolved, I will be able to cooperate in the responsible finding of fact regarding reports in the media, particularly in regard to the truth and authenticity of documents, as appropriate and in accordance with the law.

I look forward to speaking with you in your country when the situation is resolved, and thank you for your efforts in upholding the international laws that protect us all.

With my best regards,

Edward Snowden
31 October 2013