Almost 70 Percent Of Obamacare Enrollments Come From Just Six States

Wiping out on Step #4, at the friendly-looking, but utterly useless Obamacare federal website (AKA Many reports indicate that this website is not even safe to use respecting possible identity theft, AND the feds knew it before telling people to use it. So, the lucky enrollees may have signed up for more than they bargained for.
The US government's long-awaited first report on Obamacare enrollments came out today, and the numbers were reflective of the severe troubles afflicting the Affordable Care Act's disastrous rollout.

The main problem: despite millions of Americans reportedly visiting the Obamacare state-run and federally-run health insurance exchanges, only 106,185 persons have enrolled in new insurance plans (through November 2, 2013). That number includes people that have enrolled but have not yet paid for their first premium.

The number of enrollees is far less than what the government had originally projected would be the total for October, and it comes in the wake of weeks of terrible news for the Obamacare program. While the administration sought to buffer itself from criticism by lowering expectations—a lot—for the first report on the number of enrollees, the numbers are nevertheless quite concerning.

Broken down by states, the totals paint a troubling picture for the success of Obama's signature legislative program. In fact, of the total of enrolled individuals, almost 70 percent of them come from just six states:
  1. California        35,364
  2. New York       16,404
  3. Washington       7,091
  4. Kentucky          5,586
  5. Connecticut      4,418
  6. Colorado          3,736
  7. TOTAL         72,599
That amounts to 68.4% of the total number of enrollments.

And every one of those states is listed in the report as having implemented its own health insurance exchange marketplace. Colorado's relatively modest number of enrollees is larger than any of the totals from states whose marketplaces were supported or wholly run through the dysfunctional federal Obamacare website, This includes signups from much larger states, such as Florida (3,571 enrollees), and Texas (with only 2,991 enrollees).

Altogether, the Obamacare federal website is reported to have processed 26,794 enrollees for 36 states, during the reporting period (10-1-2013 to 11-2-2013). The total number of people moved onto Medicaid or CHIP in those states through the exchanges is 183,396.

Earlier, the Obama administration had projected a total enrollment for October to be around 750,000.

The report includes a couple of analytical notes, including a suggestion that California's numbers were higher than any other state, not merely because of California's population, but also because California spent "$94 million dollars to help community groups, local health clinics, and labor unions reach residents and sign them up for coverage." 

So far, that works out to about $2,700 spent for each enrollee in Obamacare from California.