Three Days In Rotten Obamacare Website Still Does Not Work

The little clock icon at the federal Obamacare website tells users that the system is busy abusing other customers, and they will have to wait longer before being given the opportunity to waste their time trying to use the absolutely horrible online gateway to nothing. Defenders say all launches of big websites have these kinds of problems. But that of course is only true if monkeys are responsible for designing and running the project.
Today in the continuing melodrama of people trying to use the POS Obamacare website, we got an example of a bug fix being worse than the cure.

Suckering users into thinking something basic had been fixed, the federal Obamacare website today did at least allow this user to register—or at least to APPEAR to do so.

Getting past the security question issue that had blocked registration for so many users that the problem was mentioned in the New York Times yesterday evening, today we went from bad to absolutely rotten.

It took about half an hour to finally get registered, after having the system once again glitch out repeatedly. But, finally, the SUCCESS screen came on, telling me that I had achieved the Holy Grail, an Obamacare website account. Woohoo!!

One of the sarcastic messages the federal Obamacare website uses to abuse visitors. Translation of the above: You are such an asshole to have ever believed Barack Obama could successfully do anything other than order people to be spied on or tortured or assassinated.
Unfortunately, while the system informed me about this, it did not bother to inform itself about it. When I was tried to continue, by clicking the dreaded "Continue" button on the "Success" page, the system expelled me, telling me:
So, then I tried to log in again. Of course, I had to once again get into the stupid queue to be given an opportunity to try to log in. Altogether, another eleven minutes of life devoted to waiting for Barack Obama's stupid website to work.

Finally, the login page appeared. I filled it in, clicked the login button, AND—
Yep, it took so long to process the login data, the system timed out.

This happened twice, as I wasted another six minutes waiting for the stupid thing to NOT WORK.

And then, on the third try, poor exhausted and obviously DEFECTIVE Obamacare website just said the obvious:
OK, you're thinking—what a jerk, he fucked up the password or something. Well, here's the problem with that. When the account was created, I just cut and pasted the password. I did the same thing when I entered it. So there was nothing to remember—or forget—except on the Obamacare side of things.

However, going on the theory that MAYBE the password had gotten smudged or something in the stupid system, I clicked on the "Forgot Your Password?" button, to see if I could get the Obamacare system to reset it. Now, the interesting thing is the system DID send me a reset link to my email address—which it could NOT DO if it hadn't created the account, including accepting the password I had entered. So, I clicked on the reset link AND:
"We weren't able to process your request because we weren't able to find a Marketplace profile that matched the information that you provided."
In other words, even though the Obamacare website system could find the information to send me a reset link to my email address, it couldn't locate the information to confirm I had an account to do anything else.

I tried this twice, with the same result. Altogether, I wasted more than half an hour achieving absolutely nothing. This is combined with about the same time wasted yesterday. And if I had been stupid enough to be in the first-day guinea-pig group, that would have been more time wasted.

And it isn't just the time. Most of us have wasted many hours of time waiting in government lines of various sorts, so that alone isn't enough of a reason to declare Obamacare DOA. But by the third day of catastrophically bad technical performance of the website, I would have expected to see some improvement—at least to the extent that I would be able to secure a working account.

Yet, at this point, I have no idea whether one hand of the utterly flummoxed Obamacare website knows what the other doing.

And, to be honest, the feeling was not far from my consideration that the Obamacare website was a great place for Russian hackers to be lurking and working. I suspect hacking could be accomplished by Russian schoolchildren.

Yet, THIS is the system Americans are supposed to trust to help them make decisions about insuring their health care. It's the system that Barack Sam-I-Am Obama has been promising us would make us LIKE Obamacare when we tried it.

Well, I tried to try it.

And I am now convinced that Obamacare is the very last thing in the world I would trust, much less like. I highly recommend people to get behind efforts to trash the whole thing. It was always a bad law, unnecessarily penalizing poorer Americans, while padding the pockets of insurance company millionaires.

But, if THIS is how the stupid ACA works when all it has to do is help people in the front door to look around the showroom, how is it going to bungle things when you need your insurance to work for you—instead of kill you?

Now, I'm not one of those critics that denies the possibility of the federal government ever doing anything right. After all, I watched an American government program land men on the Moon—almost half a century ago!

But nor am I one of Obama's defenders, who demand that no matter how much he botches things, we're supposed to overlook it. Right now you've got an army of idiots online claiming to be very experienced IT professionals and all claiming that having things go this badly in a launch is NORMAL!

Well, let's just be glad those morons don't work for NASA.


  1. If you are so disgusted with it, click on over to the traditional insurance sites and buy it like you did before. If you can't afford that, be glad there is a system coming that will enable you to do so. I suspect they started the exchange 3 months early at least partly to allow a period of shakedown. The only thing I fault them with really is not delineating that period with some sort of "beta" designation so people would understand it was going to be a bumpy ride at first. You can't fully load test something like that without the real load.

    1. Hey, genius. Some insurance underwriters, like BlueCross BlueShield, are redirecting requests for quotes straight to the ACA Marketplace. So, it's kinda hard to " on over to the traditional insurance sites and buy it like you did before."

  2. Well, people are definitely getting the sense that Obamacare is some sort of shakedown alright. The problem is, if defenders wish to say—hey, it's NORMAL to be all fucked up when you start stuff—actually it isn't. It's normal if you have a bunch of idiots in charge.

    And, when the President has stressed people just need to try the green eggs and ham—and then when they try, he doesn't have any green eggs and ham, or anything at all—they're give up, as they should.

    Today we're learning the website design is the main problem. And it is such a POS, it reflects on the Obama administration's approach to the whole thing:

    Why should people trust this piece of made-in-canadia shit?

  3. Congressmen are really against Obamacare that led government workers to rely on an income protection quote due to a government shut down. Nice job.


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