Remember That HALF of Democrats Did Not Want Obama In 2008

Well, there is that. Barack Obama has often chided his critics on the left—his supposed base—for being little children who just didn't understand how politics works. Americans have marveled this year at the mature skills of governing that Obama has used to make a complete fiasco of his presidency. Maybe the "adult" should have listened more to the children.
So, now the fingerpointing over who is to blame for the train wreck that is the Obama second term is in full operation. Of course, Barack Obama is saying he's the victim of "bad apples".

The Republicans meanwhile are almost choking on their pleasure in saying "I told you so" about what an awful, and casual, liar Barack Obama has turned out to be.

It isn't just conservative bloggers saying this. In fact, the New York Times noted Obama's easy-going infidelity to doing what he promised from early on, talking about how he had betrayed his supposed values and his assurances to the voters, by siding with the national-security-torture state in blocking any real investigations of the Bush-era crimes against humanity.

Supposedly, this change in Obama's attitude came after the CIA put in front of the new, naive, president, the usual horrible assessments of the dire threats being made against the USA. It is just a lot easier to sign off on whatever the spies and assassins claim is necessary to protect America, because the one guy who bucked that trend, John F. Kennedy, got his head blown off by somebody the CIA had some secret dealings with.

But the secret-sauce scandals of this year, fueled by the critically important revelations from the Snowden files, are generally taking a backseat to the fact Americans, hundreds of thousands of them, are waking up to the unpleasant facts of how Obamacare is actually working—when it's working. While the Obamacare website and processing portal are receiving hospice, the evil insurance companies are doing exactly what Obama told them was OK to do—cancel people's insurance policies.

The realization, that so many Americans are now coming to, is that it isn't just the Obama regime that seems out of control, careening from one crisis to another, it is Barack Obama himself who seems so totally unprepared to be president of the United States.

Hmm...isn't that what Hillary Clinton told us would happen back in 2008?

Yep. And it wasn't just politics she was playing, as she explained to the nation, and particularly to Democrats voting in the 2008 primary campaign, that electing a young, inexperienced, political player might just be an extremely bad reaction to the people's horror at having suffered through eight years of George W. Bush. Naturally, the people wanted change they could believe in. But what Hillary warned they would get, and what they have gotten, is a tiny amount of loose change that just isn't sufficient to get the job done.

We should recall something very important. MANY Democrats, in fact half of the Democrats who voted in the 2008 primary, voted AGAINST Barack Obama. Whole swaths of the nation, not voting for the black guy, nor stoned on marijuana or some imbecilic idea of resurrecting the passion and idealism of the 1960's (or whatever), voted for the apparently soberer, more seasoned and certainly more ruthless, Clinton.

Barack Obama got a LOT of credit as a candidate for having outsmarted the Clintons. It seemed like he must be the guy to get people passionate about changing course, and sending the nation to a better, fairer, future. But that was all campaign rhetoric , i.e. marketing. Obama just said what he needed to in order to get the young, passionate, true believers worked up and working hard.

But, as soon as they put the crown on his head, Barack Obama told those kids—and the bulk of his base—to grow the fuck up, because NONE of what they cared about was going to happen.

Instead, Barack Obama adopted the mantle of Mr. Compromise, which, as I have noted, meant Mr. Sellout. Obama apparently was trying to adopt the Clintonian co-opting the conservative position method of dealing with Republicans. But the right had learned how to respond to that—they just went further and more crazily to the right, as Obama and the Democrats completely abandoned any effective devotion to the traditional values of the Democratic Party.

The result has been an assault on the value and effectiveness of a working government, and a deep, fundamental challenge to whether the political system works any longer (for the people anyway) in the USA.

Now, with the ashes of his presidency swirling about him—caused by his dishonesty, his ineptitude, his extraordinarily disturbing and concerning disengagement from any effective management of the government, Barack Obama is sending out his sacrificial lambs, such as Kathleen Sebelius, to take the fall for his signature disaster Obamacare, and he's proclaiming "I didn't know" over and over again, like that is supposed to make the American people feel better about having such a know-nothing in charge of knowing what to do.

Perhaps Barack Obama is NABAB—Not As Bad As Bush—but Barry's working overtime to become his inner Dubya. At this rate, Obama may "better" his predecessor in utter ineptitude, if not in the body count.

Next time voters, and why not start in 2014, fix this mess you have caused. Elect some different people, and more importantly different KINDS of people, whose mission is to try to do the right thing—for all Americans (but particularly for the majority who ARE NOT running things and never will)—instead of to push power buttons in the political game for themselves and their parties, and the dreadful, evil, ruling class.