Barack Obama Is The Biggest Liar In History

Helpful White House video explains "new benefits and protections" of Obamacare, especially for the fortunate people whose insurance policies are getting canceled, so they can be proof positive Barack Obama is the biggest liar in history.
Barack Obama's supposed allure is that he is a very smart fellow—at least very smart compared to some recent presidents, and one recent president in particular.

But the problem is that if Obama is so smart, how does he keep being so damned absent from so many important loops? Is it disengagement? Treachery or shortsightedness on the part of subordinates who don't want to admit failure (or Merkel-spying) to the boss?

Maybe. But there is another possibility of course, which is that Barack Obama is a pathological liar, and maybe the biggest liar in history.

By “biggest” I mean the most influential liar, the person whose lies have impacted the most people.

Now, you could argue that the winner of this dubious award is Adolph Hitler, whose big lies were bigger than even Barack Obama’s. But the thing about Hitler is that usually he was telling the truth, at least concerning what he believed and what he was going to do about it, but people preferred to pay no attention to what Hitler was saying, or to not take him seriously (how could he really mean such crazy things?!), until it was too late.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, seems to be perfectly immune to taking any principled stands on anything. The only exception to that has been that Obama thinks that "compromise" means a unilateral surrender to one's enemies, which he nevertheless pursues as if that's a good thing. Even in his latest venture into alleged backbone-displaying, Obama and the Dems had actually already given away the store to the Republicans, BEFORE then forcing the GOP to take that deal, by Obama's hanging tough over Obamacare.

In addition to Hitler, you could argue that George W. Bush was a really big liar, and no doubt he was, or no doubt Bush was sufficiently indifferent to fact-based as opposed to faith-based truth that it amounted to lying. But, the problem for Barack Obama in that comparison is that, despite the fact the current president has been running against Dubya since 2007—and that’s a LONG time—Obama has embraced Bush’s policies, and Bush’s dishonesty, and maybe even amped up the perpetrations of these, as Joe Scarborough said yesterday, to “11”.

For one thing, Obama has been caught in a plain, bold, and outrageous lie, concerning the impact of Obamacare. On numerous occasions Obama asserted some form of the following to concerned voters regarding any fear they might have that Obamacare might do something bad to them, like cause their insurance policy to be canceled:
“If you like your [health insurance] plan you can keep it and you don’t have to change a thing due to the health care law.”
That is what the White House website says right here.

There doesn’t seem to be anything very ambiguous about “you don’t have to change a thing”. It is a clear assurance Obama made to the American people, that Obamacare would cause no harm to them, but would only serve to help them.

The problem is, the facts are showing, more and more, the President was lying to the American people.

FACT 1—HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Americans are policy cancelation notices from the health providers and being force to upgrade to new, costlier polices, just to follow the law under Obamacare. Again—"you don't have to change a thing"—EXCEPT you really do. Today, Barack Obama's response to the fact he knowingly misled the American people is to claim it's all the fault of evil insurance companies, trying to make a buck. But, Barry, that's what the evil insurance companies do—for a living. And not only that, but Kathleen Sebelius told the evil insurance companies it was OK to do that—right here—three years ago: "Under the rule issued today, employers or issuers offering [existing] coverage...will be able to make some changes to the benefits their plans offer [AND] raise premiums!"

FACT 2—While many “success stories” have been told by the White House about how many people are saving money with Obamacare, the fact is that the vast majority of these successes, are people with medical needs and no insurance who were seeking medical coverage—and generally those people have been moved to Medicaid, in those states with expanded coverage options. The flood of young, healthy enrollees, people expected to PAY FOR the people who are getting subsidies, and the people with pre-existing conditions who are not being rejected for coverage, IS NOT HAPPENING. And if Obamacare critics are correct, it will never happen, because the people being forced to finance Obamacare are getting a very bad deal, and they will be smart enough to know it.

Then there’s the whole NSA problem, the problem being the President and his police-state spy thugs have been lying like rugs all along, and worse, they have been arguing that there was nothing to see in all that Snowden stuff, and that the President and the spy thugs (including the oversight managers in Congress like Diane Feinstein) know best about these secret things, and YOU, the citizen, just need to shut up and mind your own business.

Problem is, among MANY things wrong with Obama’s attitude, the NSA’s crimes ARE the American people’s business. And, as it turns out, they are Angela Merkel’s business, and the French people’s business, and basically the operations of the NSA, which has set up data-gathering on virtually every connected human being on the planet, is the business of the entire world.

And, as America’s allies are making painfully clear, the NSA’s operations are now endangering the most vital foreign alliances of the American government.

What does President Barack Obama have to say about all that? Oh, you know, he was out of the loop again, and didn’t know the NSA was doing all that bad stuff until—oh, a few days ago or months ago or whatever, you know. And then, when he did find it out, he made it stop—or anyway, NOW he's thinking about making it stop, or anyway, he wants YOU, the doofus citizens, to think that is what he would do—if he knew things and really thought they were bad.


That is what President Obama is alleging, that all that comprehensive spy shit going on, where they’ve tapped Angela Merkel’s cell phone for eleven years now!! is news to him, just like it is to you. The spy thugs over at NSA just kind of forgot to inform the guy they're gathering the data for, that the reason they can be so explicit and specific about everything Angela Merkel is thinking, is because they've read her private messages like a book for over a decade. What did Barry think they were doing—just doing a really good job of guessing her moods or something?

Well, if that’s true, that the President just didn't know what the NSA was up to, then Barack Obama needs to fucking resign, because he’s obviously an incompetent fool of a CEO. After all, look what the revelations about this spying regime are costing the USA in terms of foreign policy relationships. It's a disaster—that is ANOTHER disaster. Now, the NSA says the real problem is Snowden, and that if he would just stop telling everybody they're being spied on, then everyone would be perfectly OK. Seriously, that's what the NSA thinks. Well, maybe somebody at NSA should have protected the data like it was secret and everything.

But, if the above allowance that Obama did not know about the Merkel bugging is wrong and, as so many people are saying, the President DID know and he continued a program (once again) apparently started under Bush, then once again Barack Obama’s embrace of lying to the American people, for apparently a very short-term gain of denying what cannot be credibly denied, is a sign of the President's casual disdain for the American people’s right to know what the hell their government is doing.

It is a hard thing to find oneself agreeing with people whose knee-jerk rejection of Obama we may have at first thought was purely political and even racist. No doubt some of the rejections and criticism of Obama are still rooted in those motives. But, at this point, with so many self-inflicted fuckups to his discredit, Barack Obama needs to realize that one of the biggest arguments against his presidency is his own lame performance as president.

Flameout for Obama came almost exactly when it came for Bush, at the end of the summer in the fifth year in office. Maybe it is time to just have a five-year presidential term. Because suffering through three more years of Obama may not be quite as bad as that prospect seemed with Bush at the end of 2005, but every month Obama erases more and more of the supposed distinction between himself and and his iconically awful predecessor.