Republican Monsters Eat Poor People With $39B SNAP Cuts

American-hater Eric Cantor is so hypocritical, so dishonest, he openly admits jobs are scarce, and then turns right around and accuses people on SNAP of being too lazy to work. Of course, even if they WERE that way, SNAP pays people just enough to eat on, so they can do a little better than starve. Cantor figures THAT lifestyle, which any civilized nation (much less RICH nation) should be ashamed to settle for as a minimum for any of its citizens, is a sign poor people are living parasitically off the beleaguered rich—whom Cantor sarcastically refers to as "middle class".
The pinheaded idiocy of the Republican Party, manifested as monstrous hatred for black people, Hispanic peoples, women, poor people, and scientists (among many others), has been the primary reason Barack Obama, a center-right incompetent, has not been impeached, or overthrown by disgusted Americans. 

On the other side of the political ledger, Americans have only to see GOP bog creatures such as creepy Ted Cruz and crappy Eric Cantor, and the appeal of keeping the “alternative” locked up in a severe minority is evident. Indeed, the proscription of the Republican Party, and the arrest of its leadership, on the grounds that they are a threat to national security, is a perfectly sound policy that Barack Obama ought to pursue—especially given his already authoritarian inclinations.

For, in the House of Representatives, where the American people were stupid enough to elect the Tea Party into a new, utterly daft, majority, the alternative is currently voting for the millionth time to defund Obamacare—a health insurance program stamped as worthy by generations of Republicans and stamped “good enough” by Mitt Romney, when he employed the same program in Massachusetts. 

In other words, Obamacare, whatever you can say about it, was created by Republicans, and approved by Republicans—up until Barack Obama appropriated it for his own health care program. That act, of Obama selling out to conservative interests, should have outraged the left, not the right.

But, as insane conservatives tumbled over themselves in righteous hatred of the first black US president, Obamacare became the focal point for that hatred, with every looney, false, accusation, lodged against the modest health insurance proposal. You may recall the idea of “death panels”, where the government is going to murder everyone’s grandmothers by disapproving necessary medical care as a cost saving measure. 

Back during those dark days of the initial Obamacare debate, where Republican insanity was building to its current catastrophically dangerous level, the GOP claimed it was just looking out for the little guys against the big bad government. Of course, the GOP’s idea of little guys are always white male business owners who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (at least).

The actual little guys, the poor people of America, who are certainly only little in power, not in their vast and growing numbers, are so totally despised by Republicans, it is hard to imagine why they hesitate at all to pass laws requiring drug tests just for being poor—oh wait—Republicans actually do that too.

And so...

Making the extraordinary argument that they are trying to save the “middle class” by taking away SNAP benefits for poor Americans, the Republican Party cut $39 billion from the SNAP program on Thursday. These cuts, if approved by the Senate and the President (which almost certainly will never happen) would throw four million Americans off of food benefits in 2014, just to start with.

It will also expose most SNAP recipients to work requirements, in a still depressed labor market, that have been waived for the most part in the last few years. While plainly admitting Americans are still struggling to find any jobs, much less good ones, Republican House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, speaking in support of the drastic SNAP cuts, identified the infamous "dignity of work" mantra as being the most important thing in a federal nutrition program:
“The dignity of a job is what things should be about in these programs… President Obama has essentially issued nationwide waivers to the work requirement…That was what allowed the 1996 welfare reform to be so successful, that people actually came off the welfare rolls because they were back into productive mode.”
Of course, in 1996 the USA was entering a short-lived, but quite intense, employment boom, where anyone who wanted a job could easily find one, and one that paid decent money too. That situation, fueled by a dangerous tech bubble, collapsed when that bubble burst in 1999. The USA in 2013 is in a very different labor situation, where jobs are so scarce, desperate people are working for free, just in hopes of landing some kind of paying position at a company OK with stealing labor. Nobody, including Eric Cantor, imagines the struggle to find a decent, good-paying, job is easy or even possible in many cases and places.

SNAP is a supplemental NUTRITION program, not a forced labor program. But the latter is what Republicans hope to change SNAP into, demanding for example, that many SNAP recipients would be required to do "community service", as if they were convicted criminals, in order to continue to receive benefits to keep eating.

Forcing people to work to eat is barbaric, not dignified. As I noted earlier, the real indignity of the Republican brand of poor-people hatred, is how they attempt to say it is the "Christian" thing to do to deny food to people.

A final point about House Bill 3102, and it is one that should clarify for you where Republicans are really coming from, and how they think about poor Americans.

A list of word frequencies in the Republican SNAP bill:

"WORK"—this word occurs in the bill 47 times.
"FRAUD"—this word occurs in the bill 14 times.
"HUNGER"—this word occurs in the bill 0 times.

In other words, Republicans believe poor Americans are lazy, and that they are dishonest, but they most definitely do not believe that they are hungry.

In 2014, remove these Republican animals from office. If you want some guidelines about this, refer to this public record of the vote. The "Yeas" voted to starve poor Americans, and the Yeas need to go!