Politico: Tea Party Republicans “Scorpions” Bent On National Suicide Of USA

Maybe the better question is why aren't they doing it way more often than they do? For the most part, people do self-restrain, putting up with outrageous injustices without going to war. Barack Obama, on the other hand, got miffed a few weeks ago about a violation of a "norm", and ordered the American people to start killing again. They told him to shut the fuck up. They need to be doing that a lot more—to all the stupid politicians who have brought us to the brink.
In what is now a widespread denunciation of their suicidal tactics, the Tea Party faced its most direct criticism in Politico, where Republicans hoping to overthrow Obamacare (or else) were called “scorpions” bent on stinging the national “frog” to death.

Alluding to the famous fable of the frog and the scorpion, Politico’s Chief Political Columnist, Roger Simon, noting the increasingly beaten-down look of President Obama, which Simon said mirrored the national mood of intense weariness with the dysfunctional government in Washington DC, accused the Tea Party of being the real problem:
“So in the world’s greatest democracy, our national government is so broken that it cannot act to save the lives of its citizens from mass slaughter. And the president admits it. How sad. How true. I do not blame the president. I do not blame the nation. Nor will I say “the system” is to blame. The system is not to blame. The scorpions are to blame.”
Who are the scorpions?

Simon continued:
“There are scorpions among us. They sit in Congress, committed not to solving problems, but blocking solutions. They would take the food out of the mouths of children. They would put the insurance companies back in charge of health care….I am not talking about the entire Republican Party. I am talking about a faction of far-right, Tea Party-driven congressmen who do not care who drowns.”
Of course, the Tea Party Republicans, mainly a group of libertarian and far-right conservatives elected in the 2010 backlash against big government, Obamacare particularly, and Obama himself especially, were elected BY THE PEOPLE.

So, what Simon is really saying is that the United States of America has already engaged the civil war so many people are fearing, but also expecting. Instead of exchanging bullets, the war so far is with ballots and intemperate rhetoric, but the divisions in the country are so severe at this point, that the national government is universally judged as “broken”, with no fixes in sight.

Just a few days ago, Alan Greenspan, formed Fed chief, echoed these sentiments, essentially saying a political revolution was necessary to address the economic problems of the nation.

As the rhetoric of division builds every week in a faster crescendo, with Americans being told, even by the MSM, that political opponents on the “other side” are murderous monsters or just plain idiots—which is not necessarily an inaccurate assessment—the movement towards an essential questioning of the national bonds that allegedly hold the USA together continues.