NYTimes Reports DEA Database Run With AT&T Employees

James Coburn saves the American people and the world from The Phone Company, in 1967's "The President's Analyst". The joke is of course that people already hated "the phone company", i.e. AT&T, the only phone company back in those days. But the critique of AT&T in this film, was that digital technology would soon enable the company to neurally connect and to monitor every American citizen. That was a threat worthy of destroying the phone company in this American political satire. What about this American reality of 2013?
Seriously, you'll really going to like your Cerebrum Communicator. And if you don't know what that is, you'd better find out.

In what the New York Times reports today is an even worse infringement of constitutional liberty than the NSA spy-thug programs, the Drug Enforcement Administration is now revealed to be working with AT&T to store and investigate the phone records of millions of Americans, in a database collected and maintained for years.

The secret program, called "The Hemisphere Project", actually partners paid AT&T employees as cop assistants, to "sit alongside Drug Enforcement Administration agents and local detectives" to sift through AT&T phone records going back more than a quarter of a century!

While not classified, the government and AT&T had worked to keep the program veiled from American citizens, obviously including the customers of AT&T, who were never given a choice about whether or not they wished their phone records shared with the federal government and countless police agencies of the United States.

NYT reports one warning issued to "requestors", that is police using the program's database is:
“All requestors are instructed to never refer to Hemisphere in any official document.”
Which sounds a lot like:
“The first rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.”
But added to the information already being made available, through the Snowden files, about the vast spy-thug regime (led by the NSA) that feeds the United States government, and its wars, intelligence on virtually every connected human being on the planet, this new information cements the image of the US government as a liberty-destroying monster that views the people of the USA as fools, or the enemy.

In response to the revelations about the Hemisphere Project, the White House has countered with the usual statement, which boils down to:
“You people are SO stupid, you wouldn’t know a right if it fell on you, so shut up whining, because we’ve been infringing your liberty forever and you’re just bitching now because some newspaper reported it—whatever!”
Not exaggerating here, the NYT's report:
"[The Obama regime] said the [Hemisphere Project]...employed routine investigative procedures used in criminal cases for decades and posed no novel privacy issues."
Well, worse than the NSA, which is what the NYT is saying, is kind of a novel privacy issue, which is especially novel to the American people if they're only just learning about it today.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime is continuing the drumbeats to war, telling the American people—"trust us"—on intelligence crafted by the same people who brought you the non-existent WMD stockpiles in Iraq.

Trust no one.