MJ’s Joe And Mika Compare Vid-Gamers To Smokers And Snowden To DC Mass Killer

No longer brewed by Starbucks, Morning Joe might just be getting dumber than ever.
It is almost a futilely repetitive exercise, pointing out the outrageously stupid comments of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The co-hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe operate with a dubious but oft-asserted cachet of authority and respectability denied to obvious circus clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

After all, MJ is “brewed by Starbucks.” Honestly, Starbucks, which recently changed its public policy towards gun-toting goobers in their stores, ought to change it regarding the grotesquely imbecilic rhetoric they are willing to sponsor. NOTE: After writing this, I went looking to make SURE this was still true, and UPDATE!—NO IT ISN’T! Starbucks has dumped MJ!

Also, MJ has a lot of professional, highly paid, political hacks to call upon, people like Richard Haass, Colin Powell’s policy schmuck at State in Bush’s regime, who are supposed to lend the show credibility.

The antagonism, displayed by the hosts and many of the guests on MJ, to facilitating the intellection of the audience, was once again apparent today, as Joe and Mika went off on what they view as the troubling indicators of Monday’s DC mass killing.

Brzezinski first pointed out that the whole video-game-playing thing, which the dead shooter, Aaron Alexis, supposedly engaged in, was to her like cigarette smoking:
“If you smoke cigarettes all day long, chances are you get sick…why can’t the same concept be applied to watching violent, disgusting, wretched, incredibly mentally damaging video games all day long?”
Brzezinski continued, applying her medical and psychological insights to suggest a solution to the problem:
“You hear it every time there’s one of these massacres. You hear that this person watches [violent video games] all day long. And people know about it. Doesn’t that make your brain sick? Just like cigarettes makes your body sick? When can we have that discussion, and actually, maybe put some real stamps of warning on these games?”
Maybe soon, if the dullards of of the punditocracy have their way, we'll be seeing this on video games.
Scarborough, who was getting ready to lurch off with his own loony social commentary, did not object to what his co-host was saying.
“For some reason we can’t. [i.e., have that discussion] You get people on the left and the right, a lot of them don’t have kids, I don’t think, who think they have a right, you know, who think Americans of all ages have a right to simulate the slaughter of other human beings.”
Yeah, that’s right Joe, you used to call it playing “cowboys and indians”, or was it “plantation owners and slaves”, when you were growing up in Hicksberg, Mississippi?

Naturally, none of the guests were allowed to interject with a “WTF!” or a question even. The effect was to suggest everybody was onboard with the gamer-hater and free-expression-hating rhetoric.

Joe took the baton at this point, and segued into a denunciation he has been making since yesterday, involving his theory that somehow the DC shooting is rooted in the same problems that enabled Edward Snowden to commit his—well, actually, his patriotic acts—but Scarborough is hellbent at this point to smear Edward Snowden with the mass-murderer stink-brush:
“And these contractors, let’s make sure that the bar’s as high for the Edward Snowdens and for [Aaron Alexis] as they are for the men and women in uniform…I think we’ve really got to examine this culture of contractors, on our military bases and in our government, and hold them, not only to the high standards we hold our men and women in uniform to, but even a higher standard. Because right now, we’ve got a lot of people dead on a Navy base, the shadow of Capitol Hill, and we have one of the great security breaches in modern American history. From two [contractors] that should have been no where near these military bases, no where near this military information.”
At the end of this, Scarborough’s co-host, who is supposed to be his ideological balance on the show, seeing as how she’s allegedly left of a Nuremberg rally, but who is frequently just Joe’s eager little echo-bunny, somberly affirmed:
“That is for sure.”
Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the American people, who are not convinced such a stupid knife-gashing of sense is “for sure”, are left with few (any?) MSM options to get an honest inquiry, much less an insightful discussion of the facts and their implications.