Imprecations of American Political Class Against Putin Show Big Russian Win

Chris Hayes tried to keep it light in his segment making fun of Vladimir Putin's op-ed in the New York Times. As did a lot of the corporate liberals, Hayes joked about how Putin probably wasn't wearing a shirt when he wrote his op-ed. By focusing on Putin's motives in being critical of the US's posturing in the world, Hayes avoided a discussion of whether or not what Putin was saying about the US and its president was correct.
The American political class, that is the usual crew of pundits and pols who dole out variations on the theme of the USA as the exceptionally good and true nation, were outraged by Vladimir Putin’s op-ed yesterday in the New York Times.

One US Senator, Bob Menendez (D-NJ), said Putin's op-ed made him almost vomit.

Across the MSM political spectrum, however not across the web’s political spectrum, there was widespread hyperbolic denunciation of Putin as a hypocrite, and an outrageous scene stealer from the deserving hero, the USA, and that nation’s Nobel-Peace-Price-winning president, Barack Obama.

For example, on MSNBC, the default position of the corporate liberals was shown by Chris Hayes, when he expressed confusion over what exactly the Russian president could have hoped to have achieved by criticizing the US government over its endlessly sanctimonious (and god-awfully bloody) posturing in the world.

Hayes at one point expressed confusion about what Putin could have been thinking, given that all the Americans Hayes was bothering to notice hated what Putin had said, and he asked his guest:
Do you think the absolute allergic reaction that I think a lot of Americans, and certainly the American political class had to reading this, was the intended reaction, or did he just completely misjudge his rhetoric? That’s what I can’t get about this—this text.
Hayes’ guest, Julia Ioffe, of The New Republic, then explained that Hayes was having this problem in part because he was mainly focused on his own corporate political class, and was failing to get how Putin’s message was not viewed negatively by all people, including many Americans:
Well…maybe the political class had this reaction, but I saw on the social networks a lot of people were saying, you know [Putin] makes a good point…he has struck a chord with some people. I just think it’s not the people you’ve shown tonight.”
Hayes at that point wanted to paint “some people” as nutty right-wingers, and chuckled about how silly old Pat Buchanan had actually called Putin’s op-ed “masterful”.

And then Julia crapped all over Chris’ dinner roll:
“It is masterful. It’s quite masterful.”
At that point, Hayes smirky smile, which he had worn throughout, suddenly disappeared. in part to show he was in total, red-white&blue disagreement with Ioffe’s impiety. Hayes asked her what was so great about it?

And Ioffre replied:
I think first of all, [Putin] reappropriated the language of President Obama on international law, and the importance of enforcing international norms. He’s just talking about different international norms. And [Putin’s] telling a country which for most of its history has been pretty isolationist and has not wanted to get involved in such things and a country that is pretty war-weary after the last ten years and the last two wars, he’s telling them what they want to hear.
Not just what they want to hear, but what they think. Listening to Barack Obama blather about America's exceptional need to blow people up in protection of "norms" is absolutely disgusting. Putin's greatest point in the op-ed was the following total rejection of the American sine qua non hyperbole:
"[I] would rather disagree with a case [Obama] made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is 'what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.' It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation."
Whether Putin only put that rhetoric in to jab at Obama's rancid claims of moral superiority, or Putin believes it is true, it is something Americans need to accept in order to break their terrible and extremely dangerous habit of chauvinism in the world.

Maybe, if the USA can stop blathering about how wonderful it is, and can stop killing people it considers safe to make a point out of, something can get worked out on Syria, and other things.