US Ally al-Qaeda Vows Revenge For Syrian Sarin Attacks

Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of al-Qaeda, big giant kill target for the US military, AND soon to be America's chief ally in fighting Bashir al-Assad in Syria. As they say in the USA: no fucking shit. Crazy world!
While the world is still trying to figure out exactly who did the awful deed of launching the sarin gas attacks in Damascus suburbs this month, the United States is trying to prepare Americans for the possibility that, once again, the US will be going to war.

This time, the war will be extra weird, since, if the US decides to attack Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government military forces, the United States will be technically allied with al-Qaeda!—which the United States is supposed to also be at war with on a permanent basis.

Earlier this week, according to Reuters, and responding to the suspected sarin gas attacks that killed hundreds of Syrians, al-Qaeda's affiliate militias in Syria vowed "a Volcano of revenge" against the Syrian government.

So far, no "smoking gun" evidence has been produced that links the Syrian government with the sarin attack, although the US has implicated Assad's military in previous, much less widespread or destructive, uses of chemical weapons in Syria. One possibility, not yet disproved, is that Syrian rebel forces, and possibly al-Qaeda itself, launched the chemical attack in order to push the West to intervene against Assad.

The irony of the United States being aligned militarily with the forces of al-Qaeda in opposing Assad's Syrian regime, illustrates the bizarre and chaotic nature of the political and military situation throughout the Middle East and North Africa at this stage.

It also illustrates the complexities of knowing what, if anything, is the correct course of action for the United States in responding to the WMD attack. Any strike against Assad's forces will, in effect, be aiding and abetting al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization the United States has outlawed, and which President Obama has assassinated American citizens for supporting.