Obama Announces DNI Clapper (The Liar) WIll Head NSA Review Board

The NSA, assisted by the secret FISA court that rubberstamps any request the spies have to further edit the Constitution in a way the NSA finds convenient, has utterly changed the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. And the President of the United States has not stepped in to stop the abuses. He is in fact the chief perpetrator in charge. This is criminal, treasonable, conduct on the part of the president of the United States and ought to result in his immediate impeachment—except the Congressional and judicial officers who would impeach Obama have aided and abetted his treason. The quotation on Big Brother's head is from Inner Party member, and Thought Police torturer, O'Brien, in 1984.
The extent to which Barack Obama believes fallout from the Snowden revelations is just a joke, was made evident yesterday as the President announced the formation of a new NSA (“signals Intelligence”) review board.

Announcing the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, Obama explained the purpose of this group will be to answer the following questions:

1. “In light of advancements in communications technologies” does the United States employ “its technical collection capabilities in a manner that optimally protects our national security and advances our foreign policy”?

2. And does it do this “in a manner that optimally protects our national security”?

3. And does it do this while advancing “our foreign policy while appropriately accounting for other policy considerations”?

Obama provided two examples of the latter issue, the “other policy considerations”:

1. The risk of unauthorized disclosure.

2. The need to maintain the public trust.

In Obama’s view of the relationship between security and the public’s trust, weirdly, these two issues are in conflict with one another. Obviously, it is much easier to maintain the public’s trust, if unauthorized disclosure of the fact you’re lying to the public and madly shredding the Constitution, does not happen.

Therefore, reducing or eliminating the risk of unauthorized disclosure, by making whistleblowing (such as Edward Snowden's) an offense punishable by torture and death, is highly likely to keep the public utterly clueless, and so more trusting of the government.

At least that is Obama’s calculation.

As you can see, by looking over the details of this plan, there is no stated concern here with protecting constitutional liberty of American citizens. The President, and his vast, bi-partisan, fascist spy regime junta, view constitutional liberty as a problem to be eradicated, not as the fundamental essence of American citizenship that he as president is pledged to preserve, protect and defend.

To emphasize just how little he takes this process of “review”, or in any case, how much the process will be aimed at making the NSA’s job of creating 1984 in 2013 ever easier and less cluttered by concerns over liberty, Obama announced that the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, would be setting up the board and managing the report of the review board.

This is the same James Clapper, who has admitted to knowingly and intentionally lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee about bulk data collection. Clapper's job, as he sees it, is to create a system where the public knows nothing, and yet ignorantly trusts that the government would never do anything abusive with the massive data it is collecting on all Americans.

This is like asking Heinrich Himmler to review operations at the Nazi death camps to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible. In other words, it is not the technological approach to achieving the mission that is the problem—the problem, the outrageous crime, is the mission itself.

The NSA is an anti-American organization that needs to be eliminated forever.

Its mission is tyranny. Its personnel and political supporters are traitors.

Tell your representatives in Congress you will not accept meaningless reviews of a tyrannical, anti-democratic, government department, such as NSA. Tell them you do not wish for the USA to get more efficient at spying on its own people. Tell them you want NSA eliminated, completely, and that you want public hearings and debates on that very issue, which is vital to the security of the USA, and its people.