NYTimes Says Obama A Liar, Constitution “Shredded” By NSA Spying

Precisely. Note Obama's centrist (gray tone) spy suit calmly screams "What, me Worry?". The scam that there is some balance between liberty and security being achieved by Obama and the other conspirators in the shredding of the Constitution is an absurdity. If only it were just a joke.
The NSA spy-thug news has been coming so quickly lately, revealing more details of how pervasively the United States government has sought to destroy Constitutional liberty in the last decade, that the plain indications of tyranny triumphant are likely beyond what most Americans are willing to hear.

After years of being fed lies from the government about war, torture, and after witnessing the continual massive heist of wealth on the part of rich Americans, as the privileged steal any hope of a decent future from the majority of citizens, now the New York Times confirms: we’re living in 1984.

This morning, editorializing on the newest report that, once again, the feds have lied to us about NSA spying, and that in fact the NSA is examining "the contents of vast amounts of Americans’ e-mail and text communications", the New York Times said the following:
“Time and again, the N.S.A. has pushed past the limits that lawmakers thought they had imposed to prevent it from invading basic privacy, as guaranteed by the Constitution…Data collection on this scale goes far beyond what Congress authorized, and it clearly shreds a common-sense understanding of the Fourth Amendment.”
While the Times sought to be restrained in criticizing any individual responsible for these crimes against the American people, the editorial leaves no doubt they blame Barack Obama, the liar, for having (once again) betrayed the Constitution and the American people:
“Despite President Obama’s claim this week that ‘there is no spying on Americans,’ the evidence shows that such spying is greater than the public ever knew.”
While some people have been asking why that is news, the fact is most Americans, especially during the Bush years, chose not to pay attention as the explicit facts about just how horrible their government had become spilled out. And, since 2008, to criticize the government meant criticizing a Democrat AND the first black president, and for many supporters of Barack Obama, that was something they found impossible to do.

After all, Obama was elected to do the thing George W. Bush said we should never do: change course. So, how could Obama have failed to the point he was actually worse than Bush?

Well, it is difficult to change a course, when you have enthusiastically embraced it, and the Bush policies of tyranny, ever since you came into office. And that is precisely what Barack Obama did, and precisely how he failed in his responsibilities.

Now, it is time for the people to act. The government has not merely failed. In any sense of having a constitutional validity, the United States government has fallen.

We cannot rely on the corrupt instruments of government to fix a problem crafted by and perennially protected by all branches of that government.

The Times tells us now it is “more urgent than ever that Congress clamp down” on NSA spying on Americans.

But, as the President has rightly pointed out, Congress is the very oversight mechanism that enabled the clamps to be tossed into the trash—along with the Constitution.

If the American people now will sit and do nothing, liberty is lost forever in the USA.