I Have A Proposal Today—Change The Rock!

I'm sure we possess the technology and the artists to make this a reality. And if the government refuses, maybe it should be an act of aesthetic insurgency. Replace the head of the racist hypocrite, Jefferson, with the head of America's greatest and bravest freedom fighter, Martin Luther King, Jr.
I read this guy the other day online. He had some very strange theories about black people.

For example, he claimed that black people in general preferred to have sex with, and reproduce with, white people, because black people understood this was a way of diluting their inferior traits, among them stupidity and unattractiveness, into those of the superior, white, race.

He further noted this was similar to orangutans, the males of which species preferred to have sex with black females, who represented a step up in class from the usual, ugly, orangutan female fare. Presumably, black females catered to these advances by apes, because they barely noticed the difference between them and black males.

The commentator went on to list a number of what he viewed as fundamental deficiencies in black people, ones so severe it suggested the best idea was to humanely deport black people back to someplace they naturally belong (from away from white Americans):
  • Black people sweat a lot and so they stink strongly and “disagreeably”.
  • Black people’s apparent courage is just their being too stupid to recognize danger.
  • Black men might be more "ardent" lovers, but that's because they are more like beasts than human beings in their feelings. Consequently—
  • Black people don't suffer pain and grief as much as white people—but more like animals, black people are incapable of reflection but only sensation.
  • Black people, lacking any refined emotions, are consequently disabled at producing art, poetry, music, or any sophisticated or admirable cultural achievement. And this is regardless of any supposed cultural or educational disadvantage black Americans might be said to suffer, because after all white slaves in the Roman Empire had it much worse than American black slaves, and those white slaves achieved great works of art, science, and philosophy.
And so, speaking of a basic rule, regarding the right thing to do with black people in the USA, the commentator concluded:
"Among the Romans emancipation required but one effort. The slave, when made free, might mix with, without staining the blood of his master. But with [Americans] a second is necessary, unknown to history. When freed, [a black slave] is to be removed beyond the reach of mixture."
What horribly stupid, racist, jerk said all these things?

Oh you know, the same racist jerk who wrote the stupid Declaration of Independence:

Thomas Jefferson, the father of American racism.

It is often said that racial theories of the inferiority of black people did not really take hold amongst white people in the USA until the early 19th century, as white Southerners sought to defend their institution of slavery as necessary and on the whole a generous and humane system for looking after their subhuman negro livestock.

But, these racists of the 19th century were inheritors of a “healthy”, depraved, tradition, one given an articulate and asinine cachet because it was authored by America’s most respected and honored white person, Thomas Jefferson.

Even more than Abraham Lincoln, who after all a lot of white Americans either feel indifferently about or outright hate, Thomas Jefferson usually is recognized as the person who crafted the very notion of freedom and (extremely limited) equality in America. There were other people who were talking a lot about freedom of course—but you don’t know their names.

You do know Jefferson’s.

Every July 4, his name is the one you likely recall, assuming you are sufficiently well educated to know the basics of American history.

But maybe even then you do not understand the basics of Thomas Jefferson, in the way you need to, in the way that a just history of the USA demands.

Because, so long as we celebrate Jefferson, and see no good reason to also condemn him, or maybe just condemn him and consign him to the trash dumpster of dubious great intellects, we shall only grasp a bubblegum wrapper’s worth of the truth.

And, so when you’ve done this, when you've discovered TJ is a completely embarrassing fool, and you don’t really want him at the head of the American Freedom Train any longer—what do you do?

Here is what all Americans should demand:

CHANGE MOUNT RUSHMORE!—that is, the memorial carved on it.

Jefferson’s face needs to be erased from the rock!

Let’s replace the face of the slaveowner, and racist, with that of Martin Luther King, Jr.

And yeah, I know, George Washington was a slaveowner too, but, unlike Jefferson, Washington freed his slaves when he died. We’ll call this a compromise with the substantial portion of Americans who are clear-cut white supremacists. They can have George Washington. And the rest of the America gets to erase Jefferson and put up MLK Jr instead.

Lastly, to all the aesthetes who don't like amendments to even the worst of artistic ideas, I'm not suggesting that we deface Mount Rushmore. On the contrary, Mount Rushmore came defaced.

I'm proposing that we begin to fix it.