Drug Enforcement Assholes Lying Like The NSA In Amerijuanica

President Pakalolo explains the real danger of smoking LOTS of weed—and then growing up to exhibit the worst kind of "delinquent behavior" of all: becoming "the Man".
“What ever you do…don’t tell anyone.”—Queens of the Stone Age

When it comes to treating the American people like shit, the thugs of Barack Obama’s police state are proving to be past masters.

These two recent bits of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) news should really grab your bong:

1. We learned about the operations of a secret DEA intelligence-gathering unit, called SOD, or the Special Operations Division. This DEA unit is charged with acquiring and distributing to DEA data alleged to be relevant to illegal drug investigations. The SOD operates much like NSA, and in fact acquires some of its data, such as phone record information, from NSA and its massive database of information about pretty much anything that Americans do that is processed on digital networks. But the best part about SOD and its operations is that DEA considers it such a secret unit, that agents are instructed to never reveal SOD as their source of evidence. In other words, DEA agents are told to make up false stories—LIE—about how they obtain data they use against accused persons. This is relevant because—oh—it’s massively unconstitutional, like so much of the behavior of Barack Obama’s government.

2. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, and nicknamed “America’s Doctor”, wrote an article, in which he apologized for having ever believed in the propaganda the DEA was spewing about the dangers of evil weed. Dr. Gupta said: “I mistakenly believed the Drug Enforcement Agency listed marijuana as a schedule 1 [controlled] substance because of sound scientific proof…We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.”

What this adds up to is the DEA has been engaged in an outrageous, murderous, dishonest, and utterly imbecilic jihad on the American people for decades now. This jihad is based on the (anti-scientific) religious faith held mainly by radical simpletons on the right-bent edge of the American political asylum, that marijuana is grown, processed, and distributed by Satan.

Since this attitude, along with the ever-increasing popularity of the drug, makes marijuana very profitable to illegally produce and sell, Satan has in fact moved in to take over much of the marijuana trade, especially (disastrously) in Mexico. Fortunately, Satan has plenty of time to devote to this, while he is also busy producing new shows for AMC and running both sides of the eternal War on Terror.

Having spent a century and incalculable amounts of money and destroyed human lives in trying to stop Americans from doing something they clearly want to do, the United States is now taking lessons in tyranny from Satan’s other favorite project, the NSA.

Like so many fascists have been saying lately, the NSA is exactly the kind of government agency that EVERY part of the US government should be like—secretly operated, anti-constitutional, and motivated by the greatest contempt for the American people—the real enemy of the NSA and its supporters and emulators in other agencies.

Government is WAY too bloated. Let's eliminate some agencies, starting with the DEA and NSA.