British Government Tries To Go George III On The New York Times

Remember this jerk? George III, the very British numbskull the USA tossed out as fearless leader in 1776. One of the first things, Americans did when free was work out how the American press would not be subject to being ordered around by governments. Somebody had better inform PM David Cameron (and maybe remind Barack Obama too) the United States is no longer a British colony, and the Bill of Rights is still in effect in the USA.
Apparently, figuring that the First Amendment and for that matter that 1776 episode were just that: some kind of reality television fictions, the British government reportedly tried to get The New York Times to destroy its Snowden files!

Reuters reports tonight that:

“The British request, made to Times executive editor Jill Abramson by a senior official at the British Embassy in Washington D.C., was greeted by Abramson with silence, according to the sources. British officials indicated they intended to follow up on their request later with the Times, but never did.”

Whatever “follow up” is intended to mean, this is a foreign government trying to intimidate an American newspaper into censoring the news from American citizens.

And this is not just any government but THE foreign government whose free speech repressions inspired the US First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Earlier this month, British SIGINT police forced The Guardian to destroy a copy of its Snowden files. The Guardian said it complied with the demand, but that it still had access to other copies.

The UK government alleges that the Snowden files contain “approximately 58,000 UK documents which are highly classified in nature, to the highest level.”

It remains to be seen if Barack Obama will tell the British to lay off threatening the American press—especially IN THE UNITED STATES!

Given Obama’s increasingly fascist stance regarding press freedom, especially regarding the publication of “government secrets”, it seems likely he will commend the British for their actions and will write an executive order nullifying the First Amendment—assuming he hasn’t already done so.

But, most Americans would have only this to offer to PM Cameron and QE2: Keep your mitts off American journalists, AND their copies of British state secrets, limey bastards!