As US Prepares To Go Rogue-State (Again), Putin Says ‘Bring It To The UN’

Russian President Vladimir Putin explains his concern to President Obama. Rough translation of the Russian: "I'm not so sure about this, President Obama." Google's translator put it more like: "You're full of shit, Barry!" Putin has not exactly had a warm and fuzzy relationship with Obama, and on the matter of attacking Russia's ally, Syria, Putin is unenthusiastic. But then, so is most of the world about the US's latest rogue venture in foreign policy.
Barack Obama is standing alone today on Syria. Well, almost alone.

Without Congressional approval, without UN mandate, without convincing evidence of Bashar al-Assad’s responsibility for launching WMD attacks against his own people, but justified only by the desire to protect US “credibility” (or the White House’s credibility), Obama is preparing to go rogue—dragging the US with him.

Only the French socialist, Hollande, is backing Obama’s plan to daintily blow up some Syrian targets, to punish the Assad regime for—going rogue!

And, in America, having France as your only ally is only a good thing if it’s the battle of Yorktown—which most Americans know absolutely nothing about anyway. For that matter, one poll shows 64% of the French people don’t wish to use military force against Syria. That is about the same as the number of Americans who oppose a military strike by the US as well.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, current President of Russia, has denounced the US claim that Assad ordered the August 21st attacks (supposedly using sarin gas) that killed and injured hundreds of Syrian citizens in the western suburbs of Damascus. Putin said it was “utter nonsense” to think Assad, who Putin said was winning the war against the Syrian rebels, would endanger his advantage by using chemical weapons—which Assad would know might bring a 3rd-party intervention.

That argument is of course quite reasonable, until you consider the fact that the US claims it has reliable intelligence that Assad has been employing WMD since spring of this year. Putin’s and the world’s response to THAT would be well, even if that is so, if the US has done NOTHING before about it, why do something now?

Or, as Putin said, why do something this weekend, or in the next few days? Why not in fact take the allegedly convincing evidence Obama claims to possess of the Assad regime’s culpability in using WMD to the United Nations Security Council?

Well, the US would reply, two reasons: Russia and China, both of whom would veto any measure to militarily punish Assad’s regime. And that’s assuming the UN didn’t just laugh the United States out of the chambers, with chants of "Powell, Powell, Powell!"—reminding us of past performances by US diplomats peddling fake “slam dunks”.

So, surrounded by doubters, nay-sayers, and the pesky old American people themselves, who are not exactly frisky to go to war again—and again and again!—Obama is probably calling some experts on his current situation. 

Well, there is really only one, and he’s reportedly painting dogs and cats. But no doubt, George Dubya would appreciate hearing from his successor, who has so slavishly copied Bush’s foreign policy putzing about.

One might, and yes it is ironic one should say this, but one might say about Obama, by paraphrasing a Bush-art proponent quoted in the above link:

"He has such a passion for war, it's amazing!"