Without Power Liberty Is Meaningless

Just one group of OWM, of the sort who regularly appear before Congress in public ceremonies, to give the American sheeple the impression somebody is doing oversight on something. This particularly infamous crew were lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee back in March, a hearing wherein DNI James Clapper plainly told the American sheeple: YOU'RE OWNED BITCH. So far, the American sheeple have not responded except to say: we know, baa.
Why do you obey unjust laws?

Because you’re lazy?

Because you don’t understand laws?

Because you think determining “justice” is up to Barack Obama and John Roberts, and not the people?

Or—you don't want to get in trouble?

Increasingly, we have a government obsessed with shredding and demonizing personal liberty, while at the same time enriching and enabling the powerful and crushing the poor.

America is a thug state. You're already in trouble.

Example, right now the USA is using every power of coercion short of going to war (and maybe that has been threatened) to try to force the world to hand over one man, Edward Snowden, to be tortured and imprisoned forever in an American dungeon.

What terrible thing did Edward Snowden do?

He proved to the American people that their government was a 1984-style criminal regime, run by secret courts bent on destroying the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

In other words, Edward Snowden’s crime against the state was outstanding journalism.

And just to make sure the American people did not misunderstand exactly what the crime really was, dunderheaded Peter King, who is the dictionary illustration of disgusting-little-maggoty-pol-hypocritie (it’s a compound word), plainly talked up his idea that Glenn Greenwald, lead reporter for The Guardian’s publication of Snowden’s liberated files, should be prosecuted for espionage.

The US government is already engaged in widespread spying upon and coercion against journalists, hoping to shatter forever any resolve on the part of the Fourth Estate to finally recover their long-lost courage, self-respect, and integrity to do their damned jobs.

Again, the question, why do you obey unjust laws?

Because you say—what would happen if everyone thought like that?

Look, geniuses, the people who run the country ALREADY DO think like that. And act like that, because that is their reality, their policy, their lifestyle.

When the law gets in their way, they just set up a secret court of judicial goombahs to rubber-stamp “legal” on what isn’t.

And if the goombahs don’t work, or the thug-masters get tired of going through that time-wasting ritual, like if they just want to take somebody out and shoot them in the back of the head because—hey, it’s fucking easier than all that rule bullshit—they just do it.

How do they get away with it?

They have POWER. And you don’t.

Now what? 

Let’s deal with some facts.

1. Guns are not power. Firepower is power. And a million Bushmasters in the hands of a million citizens can be toasted in a millisecond by the enormous firepower and technology of the US government. Now sure, you can become a domestic terrorist. Or you can lead a band of gun nuts as a target-practice exercise for the state. But all that is going to do is confirm what the government is saying to the sheeple—that the spies and the kill machine are necessary to make the baa-brigade safe from evil-doers. That is WHY Osama bin Laden did what did. Bin Laden KNEW George W. Bush would torture, kidnap, war against the innocent, AND crush your liberty, and he knew you'd let that happen.

2. Votes are not power. Or that is, YOUR votes are not power. Now, a lot of people, myself included, were happy that the votes of the sheeple went more for Obama than Romney. But what kind of fucking choice is that? You’re saying: but Obama was for health care and stuff. Right, Obama was for Romney’s crappy health care plan and stuff. But Obama was getting us out of the wars. Right. On George W. Bush’s get-out-of-war plan and schedule, where thousands more have needlessly died. But Obama was stopping Bush’s spy regime from hurting out freedom. Wrong. Obama was hugging Bush’s freedom-hating policies with all his skinny-nerd-on-pot might. So what the fuck did we vote for? Oh, we voted for Pepsi, instead of Coke. It does taste a little different, and people have their preferences and the power of choice affirmed—between two teeth-rotting vile brews.

3. So what is power for the people? KNOWLEDGE. Oh, so I’m saying you have to read a book? No, for fuck’s sake. Because most books are bullshit. I’m SAYING you have to read the RIGHT BOOKS. 

What are those?

And right there—see?—you just had your first lesson in how to get free. You asked a good question.

You cannot possibly defend yourself from the bullshit of this stupid, silly power game the world is playing on you, and you sure as hell cannot get any power for yourself, if you have not put something reliably true, some correct assumptions, into your head first.

Now, depending on how many people have actually read to this point, if I get some requests for telling you what are the right books, I’ll let you know a book list.

All book lists are bullshit of course, because they tell you the books that went to make up the mind of the lister. Maybe your books would be different. Maybe some awful book would be the one that did the trick for you. For example, once upon a time, people used to say to me—you need to read Ayn Rand. You sound like you’d really like her ideas. 

And then I read Ayn Rand, and found out (in about four or five pages) she was a complete fucking idiot. And it became apparent to me that people have great difficulty determining what I might like or not—or why.

So, yeah, I can make this very short list for you—five books that you NEED TO READ—but what you take out of it is your business.

Get the knowledge. Use the power—for truth, justice, and the humanistic way.

In the meantime, just ask yourself, and don’t give some slogany, bullshit answer:

Why do you obey unjust laws?