Weiners Endure Press Scrutiny And Massive American Sanctimony

Today's New York Daily News cover. Anthony Weiner's last name has been a constant joke, ever since the nature of his sextual adventure became known. But far exceeding any actual offense committed by Weiner and enabled by his wife, is the disgusting amount of sanctimony spewed by pundits and pols, who are just fine slaughtering foreign children for oil and religious bigotry.
This is the second story I've done in a row, where I'm basically covering something I had happily ignored up until now. I was living a better life not knowing anything about what hopeless wankjobs the MSM and the Antisocial Network had been over the Zimmerman case.

And I was definitely better off knowing nothing whatsoever about Anthony Weiner—or Weenie—or you know, how can anyone resist making fun of the poor fool's name?

As someone said to me: who wants to have to say Mayor Weenie? No, goddamn it! Mayor WEENER. I mean Weiner!

Anyway, THAT would be bad enough, if Anthony didn't also have a problem or anyway an obsession it seems, both with sext games involving his weenie and with endangering his evershrinking standing, so to speak, in the community.

Once upon a time it seems Anthony Weiner had gotten himself elected to Congress. He was actually not such a bad Congressman—look at his competition.

According to Wikipedia, Weiner was pro-choice, pro-middle-class, and pro-foreign-fashion-model.


I didn't even know foreign fashion models needed advocacy from Congresspeople. Well, Weiner courteously offered it to them anyway. What a guy!

Of course, Anthony had some bad points too:

"Weiner voted for the authorization to use force against Iraq in 2002."

OK, that was stupid—and you know it was stupid of most Americans to support that fucking fiasco. But we'll get to that soon in another posting.

"In July 2008, The New York Times characterized Weiner as one of the most intense and demanding of bosses, describing him as often working long hours with his staff, requiring them to be in constant contact by Blackberry, frequently yelling at them, and occasionally throwing office furniture in anger."
Wow, seems like Tony needed something to take the pressure off, you know.

And, unfortunately, Congressman Weiner decided to find some stress relief acting like a 17-year-old on Twitter, sexting a link to a pic of his erect penis pushing against his bulging underwear to people (well, to a 21-year-old woman). And you know, the thing was that Congressman Weiner was actually married at the time. More on that in a moment.

But, to compress this sordid tale, the late Andrew Brietbart came to Weiner's rescue, as Anthony had wisely pulled the linked photo offline really quickly, but somebody secured the photo and a screenshot of the image on the photo hosting service, showing the account of Representative Weiner—way to misbehave anonymously, Congressman!

Anyway, Weiner denied, denied, and of course—confessed—and resigned. Meanwhile, desperate liberals had falsely accused Brietbart of making up the whole thing. Weiner had for a while tried to ride that wave, but it turned out that the real wave was the fact Weiner was regularly texting and sexting all kinds of stuff to all kinds of women not his wife.

The confession: "I have not been honest with myself, my family, my constituents, my friends and supporters, and the media."

And most of America is going—isn't that part of the swearing-in oath those jerks take?

No matter, on June 16, 2011, Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress, NOT for voting "yes" on the Iraq war, but for sexting his weenie on the internet.

And if you're asking at this point—What the fuck???!!!—well, yeah. That really is how fucking stupid the USA has gotten. It was bad enough to be so brazen and idiotic not to cover your slimy tracks in the first place. But then you get caught in America's far more brazen and brutal dragnet of sanctimony, and shit can get really bad for oh—your wife.

Oh, the wife! Right. Remember her?

NOW the story really gets good.

Weiner's wife is Huma Abedin, who has worked for a number of years for Hillary Clinton. Yes, Hillary—"Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"—Clinton.

And here's something else. Guess who married (Jewish American) Anthony and (Muslim American) Huma.

(Arkansas American) Bill—"Meaning of Is"—Clinton.

Now, most people would say, if your idea is to make a firm public statement about how much sexual fidelity in your marriage means to you and your spouse, picking Bill Clinton to officiate that statement is a pretty weird thing. On the other hand, if you're making a statement about how much political fidelity and loyalty mean to you—ABOVE ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS—then the Clintons are the married couple par excellence.

Anyway, whatever Huma, who was pregnant at the time, felt about Anthony's political downfall, and it wasn't likely a positive experience, she pretty much kept it to herself. Kind of totally understandable.

UNTIL, Mr. Weiner Decided To Resurrect His Career

At some point, not very long after he resigned, Anthony Weiner decided a few months out of politics was enough of a price to pay for nothing much—it was just some sexting!—jeez!—who doesn't do that? Right?! And Weiner decided it was time to start rebuilding his public reputation.

Prior to this, and just to show you that living life as Mrs. Weiner isn't all the Fucking Fourth of July, Huma Abedin was treated to a fine show of hate-spewing idiocy on the part of a crack crew of GOP moral midgets ("Congresspersons Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Trent Franks (R-Arizona), Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Tom Rooney (R-Florida), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-Georgia)") who asked that an investigation be launched into whatever influence the Muslim Brotherhood may have had over Hillary Clinton and State Department policy because somebody in Huma Abedin's family might at some point have known and even liked some people in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even cowardly John Boeher, easily the sluggiest slug to ever be Speaker of the House, told his asshat colleagues to shut the fuck up and leave poor Huma alone.

If you count the days of the resurrected Weiner, that is from his announcement this spring that he was running for mayor of New York City, to the announcement yesterday that yes there were some other sextings floating about—and oh, yeah, he's kind of been sexting right along even though he said it was bad and he was over it—the total is 84 days (something like that).

The telling moment in yesterday's news conference came when Weiner's wife, Huma, who had talked about how hard it had been to forgive him, and how much therapy this had required, looked him in the face and said: "Anthony's made some horrible mistakes." And Anthony was looking contrite as a schoolboy being lectured to by his teacher. And right after saying this to him, Huma turns from her little Weiner and smiles. Yes, she probably enjoyed saying this to him publicly. But did he enjoy her saying it too? Because it sure looked like a foreplay scene in some spanking porn vid. And yes, I can knowledgeably make this comparison, thanks for wondering.
Of course, Anthony decided he needed to talk about this additional sexting behavior, and how that fit in to his run for mayor. So, yesterday, he called a news conference to discuss what was up about it, and why he wasn't gonna drop out (for one thing he's leading in the polls), and why even poor Huma is just really OK and supportive and she loves him so much.

The whole performance of both of them has been pukifyingly autopsied. Honestly, there isn't much to say. Obviously, this is one kinky couple, where Huma plays disappointed mama, having to correct her imperfect little man, Anthony, who feels ever so badly, that he publicly humiliates his wife over and over again. And you know, she was smiling like she liked it, and the codependent retribution, pretty well yesterday.

OK, so that's the Weiners—your typical very-mild-setting, sado-masochistic perverts.

And that's OK. Except of course the voters get to be part of the Weiners' lubricant. That's a little weird. But hey, can you honestly say you feel slimier voting for Anthony Weiner than you did voting for George W. Bush—or fuck—just about ALL the jerks in Congress? Most Americans want all those losers fired. NOW! But most likely they'll just reelect 'em.

And so why not Weiner?

Whatever you think about the answer to that question, there's another question the reaction to the latest Weiner roast has raised—or let's see stroked—or something. And that question is simply: when did sanctimony get substituted for honest moral upset? Oh, 1776 probably. But, seriously, have you ever heard so much sanctimonious blither-blather from a bunch of media pundits, and online saints, whose own behavior no doubt is above all suspicion (how fucking boring if true).

But you object—of course YOU are a gutter-dwelling perv, but we're talking about somebody who was running for mayor of New York City!

Right. And your point is?

That we don't want to suffer some kind of moral letdown from the high standards set by Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, who worked assiduously to turn NYC into a brutal police-state bastion for rich white people?

When the New York Daily News denounced Weiner this morning, saying "Enough of all the lies and salacious revelations, Weiner is not fit to lead America's premiere city", one had to assume that this statement was offered in sardonic irony, as the suggestion, that honesty, integrity, and worst of all any sort of punctiliousness and circumspection (i.e., an antisocial refusal to share the salacious bits), might have something to do with the requirements of running Gotham, is laughably absurd.

I kept thinking to myself how wonderful it would have been if Huma had looked the MSM right in the eye, smiled sweetly (which she can do), and just pointedly said:
"God damn it, you sanctimonious little maggots! Grow the fuck up, and leave my little Weiner alone!"
If Huma would have said that, or would say that, I don't know if they would erect Anthony Weiner mayor, but I think New Yorkers just might elect Huma head mistress.