USA Becomes Empire Of Hate Republicans Have Always Wanted

America was always a pirate nation, following the natural European impulse to steal anything not protected by nuclear weapons or a Deathstar. But of late, having stolen pretty much everything there is, the awful crew of laughing brigands has started feeding on its own people too. Finally, they are picking on someone who can fight back. Yeah right. Who do you think enables the pirates? The dumbass sheeple. The best we can hope for is that the dumbass Dems, so cowardly, will finally grow too big for the heinous thugs of the GOP to dominate.
Yes, I know, Barack Obama is administering this empire, so why don’t I blame him? I do.

But he didn’t make this repulsive, slimy, bed in which he daily humps America—and the rest of the world. That is the fetid gift from the GOP.

Three bills, three policy views, will give us a better idea of the horrific hatred that motivates this feral pack of idiot dogs called the Republican Party.

• Immigration—Viewing the word “comprehensive” (which essentially means fair treatment for immigrants) as a codeword for amnesty (which essentially mean fair treatment for immigrants), the Republican House maniacs have decided it would be better for now to just say “NO” to an immigration bill. Even though the slightly saner crew of GOP members in the Senate are willing to work out a deal, and Marco Rubio is much despised for it too, the House GOP figures they were elected by their KKK constituencies to stand up to the non-white invaders (who work, pay taxes, and contribute enormously to the wealth of the USA). By standing against a bill determining the treatment of mostly Hispanic immigrants in the USA, and which was meant to offer those immigrants at least some hope of legal integration into the society which daily benefits from their labor and cultural presence, the Republicans have further established their “whites only” policy for the USA.

• Farm Bill/Food Stamps—This bill, traditionally hated by waste-whiners in both parties who bemoan giving big handouts to corporate agriculture, did have one big positive attached to it—the SNAP or food stamp program for the poor. Why were these two things attached? Because, back in the day, when the link was first made, politicians from urban districts wanted a compromise on the farm bill (that sent tons of money in subsidies to help a handful of rural Americans), and so required that in return for the farm subsidies, poor people in the USA would get assistance from the abundant food produced with the aid of those subsidies. Even more, food stamps enabled poor people to better participate in the economy as a whole, increasing the profits of all kinds of retail businesses. How is that a bad idea? Well, it is if YOU HATE POOR PEOPLE. Which Republicans have confirmed this week, once again, that they do. In fact, the GOP hates poor people so much, they don’t mind demanding SNAP be slashed to the bone—thus starving the same babies the vile birth-worshippers of the GOP demand poor women MUST have to avoid having any abortions take place.

• NSA/FISA Spy Regime—While this would seem to be a bi-partisan buggering, and Democrats, that is the ancient prune-headed and coal-hearted poodles that anxiously scamper right to catch up with their GOP goon-masters, have surely compromised too much, the spy regime in its current cast was made and is run by Republicans. As George W. Bush recently confessed about the out-of-control NSA spying regime on all Americans—“I made that”. Yes he did. And here’s something you may not know about how he made it. Bush ensured that the FISA court, which has judicial oversight regarding the spy operations, would be packed with Republicans and led by Republicans. Indeed, the FISA court has one, single, administrator who chooses who gets to be on the court. And that man’s name is John Roberts, Chief Justice (and main Republican) on the Supreme Court. Roberts can choose whomever he wants on the FISA court, and so far his choices have built a FISA court with ten Republicans and one Democrat—AND NO fucking civil libertarian traitors to the Empire. Further, the nature of the FISA court is anti-adversarial, meaning judges on the FISA court ONLY hear the government’s side of things.

And, basically, this is the government’s side of things:

“Look, it’s nice you’re in the oversight job and everything—whatever—but we spies do not have time to keep coming back here for your permission to save the USA from terrorists, so just sign off on this blanket warrant to grab anything we want anytime we want from anybody we want, and you can go golf or whatever it is you do other than rubber-stamping shit around here. And by the way, if you don't sign it, we're going to do it anyway, and you and your family can be disappeared along with all the other non-team-players.”

And the FISA court, secretly of course (so nobody knew about it), said—“sure”. And rubber-stamped the destruction of civil liberties in the USA.

Maybe, in light of all this, you think you should be grabbing your musket, but instead you’re grabbing your dick (or your vibrator), or your bucket of ice cream, or whatever sheeple-chow you’re consuming unto unconsciousness today.

Like Homer Simpson says as he gobbles down yet another self-destructive, satisfying goody: UHmmmm…tyranny…uhmmmm...(slobber)

For the most part, and this is true even on so-called “liberal” forums, what you see online as a reaction to the fascist spy regime is a bunch of brain-dead fools going: WE ALL KNEW ABOUT THIS ALREADY.

Well, actually no we didn’t—unless you’re working or shilling for the NSA.

But, on the so-called left (which is actually the guilty-gutless center), they are terrified that finally, once and for all, Barack Obama is going to get blamed for things that George W. Bush did.

Uh-huh. And Obama should be blamed for those things, since he kept doing those things. But that’s another issue.

Right now, we need to come to grips with the fact that the United States of America has been seized by fascist, racist forces of evil, and even the faux-liberal antidotes to this illness are terminally infected with it.

And who’’s fault is that? YOURS.

Unless you stop electing fascist monsters to public office, the USA is going to become ever harder, ever harsher, ever more unjust and unequal, and the threats of righteous vengeance against this outrage and treason against the American people (and all peoples of the Earth) will only increase.

The USA's security, as well as any place it hopes to have in the small hall of civilized nations, depends on it getting a lot less hateful.